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25 Unique DND Wallpapers for Your iPhone to Boost Focus

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The Do Not Disturb (DND) mode on smartphones is often used to reduce distractions. It allows you to restrict notifications and mute sounds. However, when you activate DND mode, nothing other than a small moon icon is displayed at the top. Many people use wallpapers for DND mode as a visual reminder to help them focus and as a constant reminder.

dnd wallpapers

You can set DND wallpapers on your iPhone to remind you to stay focused. Additionally, you can set different focus modes and automatically change your current wallpaper to a DND wallpaper when you turn on DND mode. We have compiled 25 best ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode wallpapers for iPhone. These wallpapers feature DND signs and metaphorically indicate that you’re in DND mode. When you’re ready, we can set up DND mode.

Best DND Wallpapers for iPhone

Chrome Dino

chrome dino

The Chrome Dino game is a popular offline game that can be played on Google Chrome when the internet connection is interrupted. Setting this wallpaper metaphorically indicates that you are offline and signals to others that you are in offline mode and do not want to be disturbed. The wallpaper shows a pixelated dinosaur running through the desert with a dark background that is perfect for your iPhone home screen.

Download Chrome Dino Wallpaper

The Batman

the caped silhouette

Want to show someone that you’re not in the mood for interaction? Then the Batman wallpaper is just the thing for you. He doesn’t look heroic in this picture, and of course, he’s not interested in conversation. You can set this wallpaper as a humorous reminder that you’re not interested in being disturbed. The wallpaper has a purple background, which is mostly covered by Batman’s black mask. It also covers the dynamic island, but not completely. The wallpaper is perfect for the lock screen and the home screen.

Download Batman Wallpaper

Veil of Caution

veil of caution iphone wallpaper

This wallpaper shows an iPhone warning sign with the note ‘Sensitive content’. With this wallpaper, you can signal to others that you value your privacy, and it serves as a subtle warning that the content on your device is not for casual viewing. It’s best for the lock screen and home screen, especially if you have fewer apps, to make the text easier to read.

Download Veil of Caution Wallpaper


disconnected solitude iphone wallpaper

The ‘Disconnected’ wallpaper is a minimalist DND design that signals to others that you are currently disconnected or unavailable for communication. The wallpaper features the message ‘You’re offline’ against a deep black background. Although the design is minimalistic, it conveys a powerful message. You can set it as the wallpaper for your lock screen or your home screen, depending on how you’re feeling at the time.

Download Disconnected Wallpaper

Caution in the Shadows

caution in the shadows iphone wallpaper

‘Caution in the Shadows’ is another minimalist wallpaper for your iPhone. The wallpaper features a warning sign with the clear message ‘Please do not disturb”. It can also serve as a reminder to stay focused and beware of distractions. The wallpaper has a dark background and a minimalist design, which makes it perfect for the home and lock screen.

Download Caution in the Shadows Wallpaper

Glimpse of the Celestial

glimpse of celestial iphone wallpaper

The wallpaper displays a moon peeking through the clouds at night. While there aren’t any direct ‘Do Not Disturb’ references, you can use this wallpaper to spend time alone in a peaceful state of mind. When sleep mode is turned on, you can set it as your wallpaper background.

Download Glimpse of the Celestial

Window to the Sky

window to the sky iphone wallpaper

‘Window to the Sky is another minimalist black wallpaper that you can install when you feel like spending time alone in a peaceful state of mind. The wallpaper offers a view of a beautiful window. It can also be a great choice for your wallpaper when in sleep mode or alone.

Download Window to the Sky

Chromatic Arcana

chromatic arcana iphone wallpaper

‘Chromatic Arcana’ is an illusion wallpaper that symbolizes silence and do not disturb (DND). The wallpaper features a vibrant color spectrum that creates the illusion of a calming experience. You can use this wallpaper at work or to focus on something. I use this wallpaper at work as it provides a relaxing experience and helps me focus better.

Download Chromatic Arcana Wallpaper

Annoyed Squidward

enigmatic expression iphone wallpaper

Squidward is back and represents the DND character. We list Squidward as the most annoying character in every wallpaper posting; in this posting, his expression is perfect for DND mode. The wallpaper features Squidward with his annoyed face, signaling to others that you’re not in the mood for a conversation. It’s a (seriously) humorous way to show that you’re feeling uninterested or irritated.

Download Squidward Wallpaper

Energizing Elixir

energizing elixir iphone wallpaper

The Energizing Elixir is an easy way to let others know that you are low on energy or need a break to recharge. It also has a creative, dynamic island design that looks great on the iPhone home screen. Like most Do Not Disturb (DND) wallpapers, it’s set against a black background.

Download Energizing Elixir Wallpaper

Essence of Contemplation

essence of contemplation iphone wallpaper

The ‘Essence of Contemplation’ is a minimalist wallpaper that captures the essence of thinking and engaging in contemplation or problem-solving. It is best suited for someone who is lost in thought and does not want to be disturbed by others.

Download Essence of Contemplation Wallpaper

Thoughts in a Whirl

thoughts in a whirl iphone wallpaper

‘Thoughts in a Whirl’ is the perfect wallpaper when you are confused or have deep thoughts swirling around in your head. The wallpaper is the best way to show that something heavy is going on in your head and that you need some time for yourself.

Download Thoughts in a Whirl Wallpaper

Serenity of Silence

serenity of silence iphone wallpaper

The wallpaper ‘Serenity of Silence’ shows a silent message without using any metaphors. It’s perfect for someone in a library or at work if you want to create a serene environment.

Download Serenity of Silence Wallpaper

‘Do not disturb’ sign.

25 unique dnd wallpapers for your iphone to boost focus - sanctuary of solitude iphone wallpaper

The wallpaper features a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign, which is often used in hotels as a DND sign. It is a perfect representation of the DND mode. By using it as wallpaper, you can let others know that you are busy and available for social interactions. You can put (hang) this wallpaper on the home screen or lock screen to prevent anyone from disturbing you.

Download the ‘Do not disturb’ sign Wallpaper

Illuminated Intent

25 unique dnd wallpapers for your iphone to boost focus - illuminated intent iphone wallpaper

‘Illuminated Intent’ is a focused motivational wallpaper that reminds you to focus and eliminate distractions when you see your wallpaper. The wallpaper features the word ‘FOCUS’. You can set this wallpaper as a reminder to stay focused.

Download Illuminated Intent Wallpaper

Restful Respite

restful respite iphone wallpaper

The wallpaper contains a simple sleep icon that you can set for sleep mode. With this wallpaper, you can convey that you are in sleep mode and are not ready to be disturbed. It is ideal as a background when you turn on sleep mode on your iPhone.

Download Restful Respite Wallpaper

The Worktime Wallpaper

tools of the trade iphone wallpaper

This simple, minimalist wallpaper depicts working hours and conveys that you are working and in work mode. The wallpaper features a mechanical keyboard and a mouse. You can also use this wallpaper in work mode on your iPhone.

Download Gametime Wallpaper

Twilight Wilderness

twilight wilderness iphone wallpaper

Twilight Wilderness is the best wallpaper if you’re on a journey or want a calming experience. This beautiful abstract wallpaper features a small house in a dense forest. You can set this wallpaper if you are on a journey and want a calming, peaceful background.

Download Twilight Wilderness Wallpaper

Portal of Possibilities

portable of possibilities iphone wallpaper

‘Portal of Possibilities’ is another great wallpaper that metaphorically conveys that you want to escape to peace. The wallpaper is perfect for anyone who longs for peace and relaxation.

Download Portal of Possibilities Wallpaper

Lunar Majesty

lunar majesty iphone wallpaper

What better DND moment is there than watching the moon? The wallpaper ‘Lunar Majesty’ features a large, round moon in an impressive view of its splendor. While the DND modes usually show a crescent moon, here you have the full moon. This wallpaper is perfect for sleep mode.

Download the Lunar Majesty wallpaper

Cozy Concentration

cozy concentration iphone wallpaper

Cozy Concentration is another great DND wallpaper that you can use when you’re sleeping or want to convey that you’re not in the mood to work but stay in bed all day, especially if you’re a sleepy nerd. The wallpaper features a cute cartoon-style character wrapped up in a blanket with the playful but clear message ‘DON’T DISTURB (I’m busy).’

Download Cozy Concentration Wallpaper

Morning Monster Mocha

morning monster mocha wallpaper

The Morning Monster Mocha wallpaper is unique and one of our favorite wallpapers on this list. It represents that you are in ‘sleep mode’ or ‘holiday mode,’ which means you don’t want to be disturbed. The wallpaper features a cartoon monster ready to be alone.

Download the Morning Monster Mocha wallpaper

What the DND

pondering the play iphone wallpaper

Frustrated? I have the right wallpaper for you. Use it as wallpaper to tell people to stay away from you. Just beware of your boss accidentally unlocking your iPhone when you set this wallpaper.

Download What the DND Wallpaper

Restful Ambition

restful ambition iphone wallpaper

What’s the best weekend decision other than spending time in bed and eating snacks? No parties, just the DND sticker on the door and the ‘Restful Ambition’ wallpaper on your iPhone. Your weekend plans are done.

Download Restful Ambition Wallpaper

Camping Wallpaper

camping wallpaper iphone wallpaper

The wallpaper features a bright, small camp somewhere on the earth. It is best suited to convey that you want this peaceful environment metaphorically. Use this wallpaper when you’re traveling alone to show that you need peace and quiet and want to spend time away from city noises and distractions.

Download Camping Wallpaper

Best DND Wallpapers

These are the best do-not-disturb wallpapers for your iPhone. You can set these wallpapers to motivate yourself and discourage others from disturbing you. These wallpapers can also be used for the iPhone’s focus or sleep mode. Check out our detailed guide on how to change the wallpapers on your iPhone automatically. To set these wallpapers, click the Download button, save the wallpaper to your device, go to Settings > click Wallpaper > add a new wallpaper pair and set this unique DND wallpaper for your iPhone wallpaper for your iPhone.

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