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High-tech wood cutting
The world’s fastest sawmill uses CPX/VTSA function terminals, according to Johan Fredriksson of Swedish lumber supplier Norra Timber. “With our new automated saw, we achieve a speed of 150 meters per minutes, making it the fastest band saw a line in the world,” he says. The Swedish division of the American system constructor USNR provided the mudular line. The pneumatic and hydraulic systems are actuated by the flexible function terminals CPX/VTSA that are included at strategic locations.

Product development Johan Fredriksson works at the Savar Sag sawmill of Swedish timber supplier Norra Timber, which is situated in the midst of endless spruce and pine forests in the north of the nation. This indicates that there is a lot of timber. However, considering the fierce rivalry in the timber sector, Fredriksson highlights how important it is to make investments in cutting-edge technologies in order to boost production and consequently yields. A computer tomograph located upstream of the band saw line is another impressive feature of the sawmill. This determines the logs’ quality and provides the best cutting pattern. Additionally, it safeguards the system by seeing foreign objects like rocks that can harm the saw blades.

Festo automation technology helps the modular design throughout the actual sawing operation. The plant modules worldwide are adaptable to specific customer requirements due to the flexible function terminals CPX/VTSA, flexible Fieldbus modules, and a large range of standards-based cylinders DNC. Additionally, the shorter installation and commissioning times for the vale terminal technology are a result of the decreased wiring.

Let’s see the amasing wood processing machines, faster sawmills, and modern technologies in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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