ZIMMERᴍᴀɴN Milling Solutions Are Perfect 5-Axis Milling Solutions From Gᴇʀᴍᴀɴʏ

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The first horizontal machining center was made by F. Zimmerᴍᴀɴn GmbH and was built exclusively for the machining of structural elements for the aerospace industry. The structural aluminum components, including the wing and frame ribs, are typically machined from solid material with up to 95% material reduction. In this case, it’s crucial to have flawless machining in terms of dimensional precision and surface finish. The component structure, which gets more fragile as more material is eliminated, presents an additional difficulty. Even in these locations, the new FZH machining center offers optimum stiffness to make milling as effective as feasible.

The innovative 5- or 6-axis horizontal machining center is built on a sturdy, water-cooled moving column. The novel Zimmerᴍᴀɴn machine’s guide carriage distance grows as the plunging depth into the material deepens, in contrast to conventional machine designs, which experience liver-related deviations as the slide lengthens. This really exacerbates the rigidity. The machining center utilizes Zimmerᴍᴀɴn’s Uɴɪqᴜᴇ M3ABC 3-axis milling head to maximize productivity. This milling head only needs to make very slight swivel movements in a workpiece’s pocket corners, which enables the feed rate to be kept roughly constant and, as a result, the machining time to be greatly decreased.

In the video below, we’ll look at the perfect 5-axis Gerᴍᴀɴ ZIMMERᴍᴀɴN Milling Solutions.

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Video resource: CAD/CAM SOLUTION

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