You will be amazed at this 5-axis CNC machine. Perfect 5-axis German Zimmermann Milling Solutions

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The first horizontal machining center was created by F. Zimmermann GmbH specifically for the machining of structural elements for the aerospace sector. The majority of the aluminum structural components, including the wing and frame ribs, are machined from solid materials with up to 95% material reduction. Here, accurate machining in terms of dimensional accuracy and surface polish is essential. And an additional difficulty is the component structure, which gets increasingly fragile as more material is removed. The innovative FZH machining center delivers optimum stiffness in order to mill even in these places as efficiently as feasible.

A sturdy, water-cooled moving column serves as the new 5 or 6-axis horizontal machining center’s core technology. The guiding carriage distance of the novel Zimmermann machine grows with increasing plugging depth into the material, in contrast to previous machine concepts that experience liver-related aberrations with increasing slide. In fact, doing so makes things more rigid. Zimmermann uses its own unique M3ABC 3-axis milling head in the machining center to ensure maximum efficiency. This milling head requires only very slight swivel movements, especially in the pocket corners of a workpiece, which enables the feed rate to be kept roughly constant and, as a result, the machining time to be greatly reduced.

The Zimmermann machines can be used for more than only metal machining. According to Steffen Nussle, several of our clients produce parts out of composite materials. As a result, Zimmermann also plans to mill these materials’ trail components using technologies from Mapal. We are confident that the Mapal milling cutters for composite machining will provide us with a new tool to better utilize the capabilities of our equipment. Plans in this regard are already in place.

You will be amazed at this 5-axis CNC machine. Perfect 5-axis German Zimmermann Milling Solutions when you what the amazing video below.

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