Wrongly loaded Oshkosh log truck can’t climb a steep mountain


The ability of a vehicle to climb is a crucial factor in the efficiency, safety, and geometric layout of highways. More consideration must be given to vehicles’ ability to ascend in high-altitude areas of Cʜɪɴᴀ as the infrastructure there develops. In this article, field experiments on various grade portions at various elevations were used to investigate a truck’s climbing speed in high-altitude settings. Based on the test results, alternative size speed-distance curves for the truck were constructed, and the influence of altitude on the truck’s climbing speed was investigated.

It was demonstrated that the test vehicles’ accelerating and decelerating abilities were clearly affected by altitude within the altitude range of 3000–5000m. The altitude increase caused the truck’s speed to decline more quickly on steep gradients and increase more slowly on flat grades. Additionally, at a greater altitude, the test truck could not sustain the same steady speed on the same grade. The test truck’s dynamic model was also used to estimate the theoretical speed-distance curves at sea level. The truck’s ability to climb was shown to be negatively impacted by altitude change when compared to the projected crawl speed.

This person didn’t have enough speed built up for the slope, which is the second reason. The vehicle was loaded too heavily on the back end and not heavily enough on the front, which is the third and most crucial reason. I’ve climbed thousands of hills—steep ass hills—and the secret to success is to put as much weight forward as you can by placing the “butt” ends of the logs up front and keeping the trailer light. In addition, as I mentioned, you should have speed built up for the hill and have all lockers locked in if the hill is straight.

Let’s see the Wrongly loaded Oshkosh log truck that can’t climb a steep mountain in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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Video resource: Glepacos HET

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