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Bourgoin Bd320 self-propelled detasseling
The self-propelled Ploeger BD320 is our most recent innovation for detasseling seed corn. Up to 9 rows can be covered by the detasseling boom on this. The larger Oxbo 5180 and the smaller BD320 both have the same height control ᴍᴇᴛʜod. This indicates that it can operate in even the most challenging field circumstances while retaining a smooth, steady draw at the fastest pace. For many years, the American company Oxbo has led the way in developing equipment for the manufacturing of hybrid seed corn. It maneuvers quickly and without reversing thanks to its four-wheel steering. The configuration, which places the FPT engine towards the back, makes the roomy cab simple to access and distributes weight equally.

Brouwer Kesmac 4000-R sod harvester
The Brouwer 4000 Sod Harvester is evidence of our dedication to your company’s success. Simple and cutting-edge, this Sod Harvester just requires one operator. Four or five rolls of turf are gently transferred at a time by a straightforward robotic stacking system to forklift-friendly pallets positioned at the back. The Brouwer 4000 Sod Harvester is a cut above. It is simple to operate and maintain. It is capable of producing pallet after pallet of 16″, 23″, or 24″ small rolls even in delicate conditions.

John Deere C770 cotton stripper
On Monday, John Deere unveiled two brand-new cotton harvesting machines with increased productivity, a roomy cab jam-packed with the company’s top innovations, and 13.6-liter engines that are incredibly efficient. The CP770 cotton picker and CS770 cotton stripper, according to Deere, are the most effective and productive devices company has ever produced. The CP770 cotton picker reduces the wrap and hauling costs by up to 8% by fitting 8% more seed cotton into the module. The new CS770 cotton stripper harvests up to 100 more acres per 10-hour day than the 690 strippers while reducing wrap and shipping costs by up to 12%. It also offers up to a 2-point increase in turnout. In comparison to its predecessors, the 13.6 L PowerTech engine and hydraulic power module from Deere increase fuel efficiency by up to 15% and 20%, respectively, in the CS770 (515 hp) and CP770 (555 hp).

Case IH Austoft 8010 sugarcane harvester
The Austoft 8010 and 8810 models represent a significant update to Case IH’s product lineup in the markets of Africa and the Middle East. Case IH now provides a full range of harvesting equipment for all styles of sugarcane cultivation in the MEA region, with 28 new features and enhancements the result of more than 18,000 hours of field testing. The new Austoft 8010 and 8810 models expand our product line further and satisfy the industry’s growing demand for innovation in sugarcane harvesting. We are confident that the upgrades in these new machines will be welcomed by sugarcane farmers, increasing their profits and the output of sugar mills.

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