World’s largest wheel loader – LeTourneau L-2350


Surface mining uses the P&H L-2350 Wheel Loader as a loader. The company that makes it is Komatsu Limited. It is the holder of the Biggest Earth Mover Guinness World Record. The L-2350 has a lift height of 24 feet and a reach of 11.5 feet, and it is designed to center-load haul trucks with capacities of up to 400 tons. Its operating payload is 160,000 pounds, or 80 tons.

Although the first rubber-tired front loader from LeTourneau was created in 1946, the L-2350 front loader is a giant in comparison. This monster, the indisputable holder of the Guinness world record for the largest earthmover, was first introduced to the public at the 2000 World Mine Expo held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The regular bucket holds the equivalent of five dump trucks and is 5′ wide and 13′ tall.

The LeTourneau L-2350 is intended for center-loading haul trucks with a capacity of 320 to 400 tons. Surface mining operations involving ores like coal or ᴄᴏᴘper would be (and still are) its main use. Processing time is greatly accelerated by the ability to transmit large loads in a single transaction. It took a full two years to complete the design. The lift arms and hydraulics were not the engineers’ major challenges; rather, it was the tires. The loads required simply couldn’t be handled by the tires that were on the market at the time. For this reason, LeTourneau collaborated with engineers at Firestone to create a substantial set of tires. LeTourneau, Inc., based in Longview, Texas, produced the original L-2350.

The most recent version of this design is the LeTourneau L-2350 Generation 2 model. The Generation 2 L-2350 features three lift arm configurations—standard lift, high lift, and super high lift—and uses SR hybrid drive technology to consume less gasoline. 33′ lift height is Exᴛʀᴇᴍᴇʟʏ high, but the working capacity is lower. 2011 saw the addition of a modified arm and bucket (70 cubic yard) for use in the coal business. It has also been completely modernized with contemporary safety measures.

The LeTourneau L-2350 is a front-end loader with rubber tires that has a 263,702 lb bucket breakout force and an 80 ton standard operational capacity. It is propelled by a 16-cylinder Cummins QSK 60 diesel engine that is turbocharged, aftercooled, and produces roughly 2,300 horsepower. When in use, the fuel tank, which has a capacity of 1,050 gallons of diesel, uses around 50 gallons an hour. The hydraulic tank has a capacity of 382 gallons, and the cooling system has a capacity of 130 gallons. This substantial front-end loader has electric propel motors. The L-2350 is substantial in height as well. The wheelbase is 25.9′, while the height to the top of the cab is 21.2′. The reach is 11.5′ and the lift height is 24′.

Let’s see World’s largest wheel loader – LeTourneau L-2350 in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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