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Let’s take a ᴄʟᴏsᴇr look at these incredible dual-powered road trains in Western Aᴜsᴛʀᴀʟɪᴀ. Rexx provides miners with adaptable haulage solutions that result in fuel and cost savings for your haulage cycle and pit design that was previously unheard of. Rexx can operate on more inclines, steeper inclines, and narrower haul roads because it is only 4.8 meters wide, has a small turning radius, and can manage 12% inclines. Even more, it can efficiently travel up to 40 kilometers while loaded and saves 20% to 30% in fuel as a result. Their organizational design increases output while decreasing costs, wait times, and haul cycles.

The Faymonville ModulMAX is a combinable road-going transport module with 2–6 axle lines and a maximum weight of 5,000 t. The following traits provide top transport efficiency and increase traffic safety. Axle weights per axle line of up to 45 t, 650 mm stroke hydraulic axle compensation, pivot-mounted bogie with 60° steering angle strengthened outer fields of the loading area with point loads up to 50 tons.

Not only may ModulMAX modular vehicles be connected to one another, but also to a variety of transport fixtures. The ModulMAX’s vast range of combination options and user-friendly operating philosophy makes it a guarantee of flexibility and economy for even the most difficult heavy-duty transport tasks. The ModulMAX enables smooth interoperability with equivalent vehicles from other manufacturers in addition to compatibility with Faymonville PowerMAX SPMT transport modules (S-ST, G-SL)

The KS bucket grab series is designed to perform with the highest degree of adaptability and toughness. It features a fantastic hydraulic grab that can lift cargo of up to a thousand kilograms. designed primarily for business owners or individuals managing significant loading projects. The KS II grab series is the most recent iteration of BSV hydraulic grabs. This grab series’ main objective is contractor work, which requires maximum flexibility and toughness. The KS bucket series is available as an OPEN bucket grab with detachable side plates or as a ᴄʟᴏsᴇD bucket grab that requires no hand tools to mount.

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