World’s Biggest Container Ship – Mega Transports – OOCL Hᴏɴɢ Kᴏɴɢ


It is the biggest heavy load conveyance in the world. the first trip of the world’s largest containership. It is the biggest heavy load conveyance in the world. More cargo is moved at once when the first ship of the brand-new OOCL fleet sets sail than has ever been done before or anyplace else in the globe. The vessels are the biggest ever ordered, with a capacity of 21,100 TEU. 400 meters long and roughly a football field broad (58.8 meters). In addition to being able to load more cargo than ever before, these ships will have a number of top-notch energy-saving devices installed on them.

The OOCL Hᴏɴɢ Kᴏɴɢ’s inaugural trip is depicted in this episode. Everything is done for the first time; the harbor personnel, pilots, and captain have never operated such a large ship before. Berthing, loading, and steering are all ᴅᴀɴɢᴇʀᴏᴜs maneuvers that have never been tried.
Once berthed, the process of loading the cargo strains everyone’s abilities. Operators of cranes, crew, and the lashing team. This type of loading process, which involves adding containers over the known stacking limit, has only ever been addressed theoretically and never tried out in practice. The ship must be balanced while moving and securing the staggering number of containers, and no mistake, no matter how small, is acceptable.

Pirate areas, onboard emergency exercises, and navigating the Suez Canal’s congested seas are all constant problems on the trip from Shanghai to Rotterdam, including pauses in Sɪɴɢᴀᴘᴏʀᴇ. All of this occurs under intense time pressure; will the world’s largest container ship complete its inaugural journey on schedule? According to the research, the OOCL Hᴏɴɢ Kᴏɴɢ, which was the largest container ship in the world earlier this year, can now hold 21,413 TEUs, a 370-fold increase.

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