World Amazing tree cutting and Trimming machine – Heliᴄᴏᴘter cutting tree

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Particularly, energy supply firms must make sure that they can see underground pipelines and that no trees are in the way of power lines. Heli Aviation uses an aerial saw that is affixed to the heliᴄᴏᴘter vertically for tasks like these. Unusual machinery with capabilities significantly above those of any other saws now in use.

It was created using modern technology and is especially suited for harsh environments, allowing it to run all year long with few restrictions and little downtime. The Heli Saw offers a smooth operation due to its excellent maneuverability and has ten 24″ blades to cut heavier branches with each 20-foot sweep. In comparison to manual tree cutting, where people and equipment must be transported 90% of the time, using the Heli Saw reduces transportation to only 10% of the time.

Branch growth around high- and medium-voltage wires, pipelines, trains, and streets is cut back with the Heli-saw. Our team makes precise cuts in the pipeline and power line transmission channels. You save time and money with our ᴍᴇᴛʜod, especially in difficult-to-access regions! There is no special ground equipment required, and the starting window is relatively small. Heli Aviation offers everything you need to complete the project as affordably as possible, including ground workers for safety and quick maintenance response times as well as Ground Support Trucks with 1,000 gals. jet fuel tanks.

From the tree’s top-down 80 feet, the Heli-saw trims. No trespassing to gain access to a right of way on private property. immediate access to challenging terrain and places Under typical circumstances, trimming takes place across 3 miles of right-of-way or 6 kilometers of side wall per day when a 40-foot path is cut.

What a ground crew can accomplish in weeks, Heli-Saw can perform in a single day. It is the newest piece of contemporary equipment deployed for an urgent and ᴄʟᴏsᴇly watched task: enhancing brush and tree clearance along nearly 100,000 miles of PG&E power lines in its extensive Northern and Central California service area, where, according to the utility, an estimated 120 million trees have the potential to grow or fall into lines.

State officials have frequently asked PG&E to step up its vegetation management efforts since some of those lines and the equipment they are attached to are thought to have started some of the ᴅᴇᴀᴅliest and most destructive wildfires in Northern California in recent years.

In the ᴀᴡᴇsome video, let’s see the world’s amazing tree cutting and trimming machine – a heliᴄᴏᴘter cutting tree.

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Video resource: Heliᴄᴏᴘter Online Ground School

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