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During the summer, two Etnyre Chipping Spreaders will complete the surface dressing program in Buckinghamshire. The Etnyre’s main job is to evenly disperse aggregate into the hot liquid bitumen emulsion, which reduces waste and shortens construction site time and costs. The Etnyre Chipper Spreader’s inbuilt computer has the ability to manage how quickly the chippings are spread, improving material efficiency and reducing waste. The computer modifies the gate opening to maintain a pre-set application rate regardless of the chipper spreader speed.

The application of a controlled amount of aggregate to the road is intended to be accurate and effective during the chip seal process. The chip application flow is automatically controlled as the ground speed changes. The Etnyre Chip Spreaders achieve these outcomes by applying a variety of aggregate sizes and application rates over a wide range of travel speeds and spreading widths utilizing a variable width spread hopper and a hydraulic driving mechanism.

On the rural roads of Buckinghamshire, the machine’s ability to adjust the spreader hopper’s breadth and change the width of application while it is in use is quite helpful. Considering that it can spread the aggregate up to 6.1 meters, most local and rural roads may now be treated in a single pass. With the added benefit of lessening the inconvenience to the traveling public, this 30% increase in the maximum width reduces the project’s overall efficiency by at least 30%. Between 5% and 10% in aggregate consumption can be saved since there is no overlap on earlier longitudinal joints.

Another important benefit is that because sites are finished in a single pass and the machine can lay material up to 6 meters wide, the highway does not need to be constructed. This means that no traffic may pass through, greatly enhancing the safety of the workplace for both employees and customers. Essx Highways has witnessed a 20% decrease in third-party claims from the general public as a result of no exposed binder on joints that could stick to drivers’ tires.

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