Why pilots are paid so much even when they are merely using Autopilot


As the passengers board your airplane, you enter the cockpit and give them a warm welcome. After that, you take off, switch to autopilot, and drift off for a while. You make an announcement about the weather when you are about to land at your destination. You simply say goodbye to passengers as they leave the plane and move on. You’ve finished your day and are now free to explore the streets of the city you just arrived in.

Pilots Physical Condition
Pilots need to be in top physical shape. They must have an almost flawless vision. For pilots, hearing ʟᴏss is a major no-no. The pilot must be in excellent overall health. He needs to be as healthy as possible in terms of his heart, lungs, ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ pressure, and nervous system. Every 12 months, pilots must renew their Class 1 medical certificates as well. If a person is over 40 and works in commercial aviation, they must undergo this testing every six months. Any pilot over 60 must renew their medical license every six months, regardless of their activity.

Long training program to become a commercial pilot
The journey is difficult regardless of how you approach obtaining a commercial pilot’s license. After a few hours of flying in the air or in a simulator, you just cannot climb into the cockpit. The ᴍᴇᴛʜod takes time. A pilot must succeed on numerous tests, receive a medical license, and complete flight training. A pilot also needs to complete numerous courses and ratings, such as an instrument rating and various engine instrument ratings. And even then, a type rating is still required for pilots to fly a certain type of aircraft, such as a Boeing 737. So, becoming a pilot and realizing your aspirations require a difficult process.

Pilot Demand is high
Every year, the number of passengers increases, and to meet the demand, airlines frequently acquire new aircraft. As a result, airlines are always on the lookout for new pilots, and pilot shortages have previously occurred in the aviation industry. So much so that Emirates had to cancel flights a year ago because there weren’t enough pilots to staff them.

Pilots are still retiring even then. As a result, you not only need to hire more pilots but also replace those who leave your firm. A tremendously competitive market for pilots is produced by the insane demand for pilots. To prevent a pilot from joining their rivals, airlines give enticing wage packages to pilots.

The everyday life of pilots is quite different from those who hold a typical 9 to 5 employment, despite the fact that roster options vary between airlines. Airlines cannot ensure that pilots won’t miss any special occasions such as family holidays, anniversaries, or birthdays. If a pilot has children, he must mentally prepare himself for the likelihood that he will spend little time at home. It can be extremely difficult to start a family, particularly if a pilot travels considerable distances. Airlines have the power to compel pilots to change countries. The high pay is, of course, a benefit of this.

Mental Health
Physical fitness is crucial. A pilot must also be physically strong, but mental fitness is much more crucial. Someone working in the cockpit may have to make good decisions and think clearly under pressure on a daily basis. And since pilots have a lot on their plates when flying a plane full of passengers, someone who struggles to handle uncomfortable situations may not be the best option for the job. Not only the pilot but also the other members of the crew may need to be calmed down.

Aviation rules and law
There are various pre-flight inspections that pilots must pass. Aviation laws also vary whether a plane flies to distant locations or to another continent (because aviation regulations in Europe apply to every nation equally). As a result, piloting an airplane requires a great deal of theoretical knowledge in addition to actual sᴋɪʟʟs. There are numerous paperwork and papers that a pilot must complete, even after a trip. It becomes more complicated when we go back to the process of getting a commercial pilot’s license. Of course, the problem is that breaking the law could result in severe penalties.

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