What It Takes To Work As An Emirates First Class Flight Attendant


The Emirates cabin crew is among the fanciest in the air. Passengers are sure to feel safe and secure thanks to their impeccable appearance, which includes the trademark red cap and lip color, a bright grin, and flawless eyeliner. A first-class flight attendant for the airline claims that they had to work hard to get there and must comply by rigid standards, which include donning a specific colour of eye shadow and properly decorating their bun.

Joanna Collins, a British citizen living in Dubai who rose through the Emirates ranks to work in the first-class cabin, told Town & Country magazine that passing “rigorous” training is required to fly in first class. Even if it sounds like fun, you must be well-versed in fine wines and bubbly before serving Emirates’ first-class passengers. Collins claims that this is accomplished through a wine education course.

You must have a good comprehension of what you’re pouring when serving stuff like Dom Perignon and Bordeaux. The distinction between old-world and new-world wines, as well as Champagne, bourbon, whiskey, and other spirits, must be understood.

In first class, we have “silver service” eating, which means that appetizers, main dishes, and desserts are all served at separate times, and clients can “dine on deᴍᴀɴd” whenever they choose. In economy, there is only one tray.

Collins claims that there are rules on what is acceptable in terms of appearance while flying. Emirates enjoys maintaining consistency. You can have French ᴍᴀɴicures, light pink nails, or bare nails. The Imaging and Grooming Department has also provided a list of the various red nail polish options that we have. It’s necessary to wear lip liner and a “Emirates red” lipstick.

Additionally, one lipstick appears to be a favorite among the airline’s flight attendants.

We wear heels to the airport and for boarding, but after we take off, we can change into red flats. I know some girls would rather not, but I couldn’t fly for 16 hours in heels. We change into “service attire” after takeoff, removing the jacket and donning a waistcoat.

She continued by saying that the attire worn by the chief flight attendant, or “purser,” can be used to identify them.

We typically wear a wʜɪᴛe shirt, skirt, and accessories like a jacket, hat, and scarf. With the exception of the purser, every member of the crew wears the same color clothing.

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