Very Big Construction Equipment And The Work They Do

Machine Truck

Cat 797F
What distinguishes the Cat® 797F Mining Truck as the industry’s most productive 364-tonne (401-ton) truck? Is it the top payload in its class? Better braking that results in operators who are self-assured and productive? Or a strong, durable frame that performs well and lasts a long time regardless of the environment? The 797F of today offers all of this and more. It sets the standard for reduced cost per ton in its size class thanks to its speed, fuel efficiency, and productivity in the class. Every load, every cycle, and every shift it hauls more. Additionally, it improves the bottom line for the most significant mine in the entire world.

Liebherr – R 9800B
The R 9800 combines productivity and flexibility to satisfy our clients’ needs. In addition to an electric variant, Liebherr provides two thermal engine options for this machine: Cummins or Liebherr. For large-scale mining, the R 9800 and the Liebherr T 264, T 274 and T 284 trucks offer a highly efficient and affordable mining solution.

John Deere 1050K
On the harshest and most difficult job sites in the industry, John Deere introduces improvements to its largest dozers, the 950K and 1050K models. These improvements promise to deliver enhanced ride quality and increased productivity. The upgrades increase productivity, durability, and operator satisfaction while keeping the needs of the customer in mind. The improved 950K and 1050K models contribute to the already great tradition of productivity and innovation in the John Deere dozer portfolio by including a suspended double-bogie undercarriage, updated blade offerings as well as new Extended Life undercarriage options.

Demag AC 300-6
Because Demag made the all-terrain crane with high-quality components, it is a force to be reckoned with in its industry. It is one of the most adaptable cranes on the market due to its power and reach combination. Its Superlift System allows it to reach impressive lifting heights and a significant loading capacity.

The AC 300 – 6 can lift up to 300 metric tons in total (350 US tons). Its maximum boom length is 80 meters (262.5 feet), and its maximum system length is 119.9 meters (393.4 ft). It can raise 15 tons when its boom is at its longest (16.5 US ton). With hydropneumatic suspension and axle load correction, leveling can be done ᴍᴀɴually or automatically.

Let’s see Very Large Construction Machines And Their Everyday Tasks in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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