Using a CNC lathe, turn a Heavy-duty slant-bed CNC lathe model UT 400

CNC machine Technology

The return GT series machines with linear tool changers are especially well suited for serially milling smaller workpieces. Quick tool changes and consistent performance guarantee increased productivity. The sloped bed design ensures good chip flow. Fast loading and brief idle times are made possible by the hydraulic 3-jaw chuck with a through-hole, and the Siemens 828D Basic control satisfies all control technology standards. The standard equipment is completed by a flat-top conveyor and a higher-performance cooling system.

The UT-400 is a heavy-duty slant-bed lathe with strong multi-axis cutting capabilities that is perfect for users who service the energy, aerospace, and oil industries. A cast-iron unibody foundation with exceptionally thick ribbing manufactured of MEEHANITE ensures structural stability and rigidity. The multi-axis cutting process requires smooth, high-precision motions, which are made possible by the heavy-duty box ways on the 45° slant-bed.

For precision heavy cutting required for complex large-industry components, the UT-400’s spindle incorporates an integrated gearbox with two-step gears(max. cutting length of 3 m). The power turret of the UT-400 has a Uɴɪqᴜᴇ driving ᴍᴇᴛʜod that outperforms the VDI design and has an extra-large connection. An optional, programmable hydraulic stable rest can aid in further increasing stability and rigidity while lowering cutting mistakes and longitudinal deflection while rotating heavy components.

Let’s see the CNC Lathe – Turning lathe – UT 400 heavy-duty slant bed CNC lathe in the amazing video below.

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