Twelve spoke aluminum rim star high-speed milled on Datron M8 cube

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High-speed milling of a 12-spoke aluminum rim star on a DATRON M8Cube was developed for a racecar that the FaST Da student racing team had built. A precise tool path was made using Autodesk Fusion 360. The part is kept in place by a unique clamping mechanism, which also enables accurate milling of the details. The DATRON M8Cube is a high-performance HSC milling machine that is affordable, adaptable, and incredibly efficient.

Your production efficiency is the most important part of the many M8Cube benefits you will experience. high dynamics with improved controls with an emphasis on mechanical design for acceleration and stiffness. Using high-speed precision spindles with up to 60,000 1/min and services available from 0.6 kW to 4.0 kW, very high tension power for small tools is produced. rigid and low-vibration machine design for superb surface quality during cutting. High accuracy is provided by precision-crafted structural parts, ball screws, HSK-E 25 tool holders, and high-value linear guidance.

We’re going to use a custom fixture to make an M8Cube rim star using several setups, tools, and fixtures. The great thing is that a genuine race vehicle uses this component. The surface treatment on the interior and outside of these elements presents the biggest difficulties.

Then, as this area is fairly thick, we require quite lengthy instruments. We will use this long full-cut, a single fluid balance, and milk to cover this area. Another issue is how to clamp it from the other side; for this, we created a fixture. We’ll demonstrate how we use Fusion 360 automatically to create a very effective and dynamic tool path later in this video, which helps us save a ton of time during production.

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