Turning and milling center with 5 axes – Index R200: Turn-mill center with 5 axes

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The extraordinary rigidity of the moving elements and the impressive dynamic performance at high traverse speeds of up to 45 m/min are combined in the R200’s distinctive design. You do not need to be concerned about the machine’s process dependability because the design with a vertical machine bed enables optimal chip flow. The workpiece’s front and back can be machined using five axes, which enables a huge diversity of parts.

12 fixed turning tools in total for cutting performance and especially high stiffness. High cutting volume with 18,000 prm motorized milling spindles. Better workpiece quality and longer tool lifetimes are produced by milling spindles with the best damping and guiding characteristics. Outstanding dynamics as a result of very high traverse accelerations and traverse speeds. Already included: the operating system iX panel i4.0 ready with 18.5 touch screen and Index C200-4D based on Siemens S840D SL.

R200 parts machined on an MCX 900μ
The new R200 turn-mill centers and our C100/C200 turning center series would both need new machine beds that couldn’t be produced by outside manufacturers. We therefore needed to urgently increase our internal capacity. The unique design of the R200 combines exceptional rigidty of the moving parts with an impressive dynamic behavior at rapid traverse speeds up to 45m/min. At the same time, the design with a vertical machine bed provides for optimized chip flow, so you do not have to worry about the process reliability of the machine.

Let’s see Index R200 – turning and milling center with 5 axis turn-mill center in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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