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A utility tractor with a 3-cylinder engine is the Kubota MX5400. It is a working tractor that lacks the huge L tractor’s bells and whistles. The most common problems with the Kubota MX5400 start with the tractor dying, steering problems, HST issues, oil spillage and fuel filter issues, hydraulic issues, hydrostatic issues and electrical problems. From 60 to 200 hours on it, Kubota MX5400 problems could occur.

Engine Dying
It may take this issue 10 hours to ᴍᴀɴifest. The dash may also show an E-20 error code. Several electrical problems lead the engine to frequently shut off in the middle of a run. The E-20, for instance, is a communications error code. Water could potentially seep into the gasoline lines. Particularly if you are driving through snowy terrain, this occurs. For engine operations that are snow-friendly, Kubota has a new choice.

Steering issues
These steerings frequently have a shaky feel to them. Additionally, the tires might not turn even while the steering wheel is turning. When performing larger tasks, such as pushing logs or hogging dense brush, the issue gets worse. When you lighten your weight, you could experience some form of notching when driving. You can observe sliding of the splines or gears. So, big loads are the issue. You might notice that the wheel isn’t turning at all while using grapples. Only the hydraulic relief will be activated by pushing it. When the mower is not moving, the wheel could not be rigid.

HST Issues
For any type of task, the HST is typically the best option. Compared to the shuttle transmission, it is superior. The HST, however, frequently becomes stuck in first gear. Additionally, when ascending steeper slopes, you might see that the tractor is exerting itself excessively. Additionally, they might be less effective in relation to the price. Additionally, the transmission overheats. The jerking or loud noises of the transmission are the most frequent issues with these transmissions.

Hydraulic Issues
When using implements, the Kubota MX5400 is also infamous for having problems. The raise of the implement is the most typical issue. Even if you stop the tool at the desired height, when you wish to lower it, it will still keep falling. Only when it reaches the bottom will it come to a stop. It won’t operate if you don’t slightly pull back on the lever to stop the drop. As you drive down the road after cutting, the engine seems to be working too hard and you have to raise the tool all the way for comfort. However, if you just barely depress the lever, you can hear it release and remain in that position.

Electrical Problems
Tractors in the MX series are more powerful than those in the BX series. However, you also notice some extremely unpleasant electrical issues. For instance, this one’s initial problems. You’ll observe that the starter either starts slowly or doesn’t turn at all. In addition to blown fuses, which shut off the engine, these tractors are prone to sensor ᴅᴀᴍᴀɢᴇ. The battery connector might occasionally become loose as well. This will result in slow charging.

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