Top Most Powerful And Impressive Industrial Machines Ever Made


RBS Sleeper Changer – RF-SYSTEM
Standard track gauge for 1435 mm. Our sleeper changer offers safe lifts via a load-holding valve and has an adjustable depth. Ballast is taken out with the blade. Two hydraulic grips are used to hold the sleeper while it is hauled out of the ballast bed. The blade can be used to replenish ballast while new sleepers are being placed. Safe. The gripping function’s load-holding valve ensures a secure grip even in the event of a hydraulic pressure drop.

Road Printer RP SYSTEMS
Paving a road takes a long time. A worker may traditionally pave 100 square meters (1,100 square feet) every day. Road printers like the Tiger Stone paving machine, which can “print” 300 square meters (3,200 ft2) of cobblestone road in a day, are trying to speed up that process. Another is the 500 square meters (5,300 square feet) per day RPS RoadPrinter. Loose bricks are fed into the machine by one to three operators. The pusher then arranges the bricks in a carpet-like arrangement. The machine then starts to lay the brick road as gravity takes over. The bricks are then pressed into position using a steamroller.

CT718 Vermeer Compost Turner
The CT718 compost turner produces consistent results in a shorter amount of time. The CT718 has a big drum that measures 44″/111.76 cm in diameter and enables operators to program a consistent load to increase productivity. Up to 5,000 tons (4535.9 metric tons) can be processed each hour. The Caterpillar C15 Tier 3 engine produces 540 horsepower (402.68 kilowatt). Heavy-duty construction, synchronized poly-belt drum drive, and long machine life with minimal maintenance.

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