Top 5 World’s Largest Mining Excavator Machines


The strongest hydraulic excavators in our product line are the PC8000-6 and -11 models. The engine generates 2 × 1500 kW/ 2 x 2010 HP at 1800 rpm. Between 752 and 773 tons are used as the working weight. The 42m3 capacity of the backhoe is the same as the 42m3 capacity of the shovel. In the US, it works with vehicles that weigh between 240 and 400 tons. The spacious and comfortable cab is set on 18 viscous damping pads and is sound-insulated. The cab has automatic climate control and pressurization. The operator’s seat has an adjustable lap seat belt, air suspension, and electrical heating. Front shovel clam, crawler, and swing brake controls are operated by an electrohydraulic joystick and foot pedal.

Liebherr R9800
The third-placed excavator is the Liebherr R9800. It was constructed by Liebherr in 2008 at its Colmar factory in Fʀᴀɴᴄᴇ. The excavator can be fitted with either an 800t backhoe attachment or an 810t shovel attachment. The undercarriage is 10.84m long and the cab is 9.91m tall. The shovel and backhoe bucket each have a 42m3 capacity. Maximum crowd and breakout forces for the shovel are 3,090kN and 2,395kN, respectively. The digging and breakout forces of the excavator when using a backhoe are 1,760kN and 1,980kN, respectively. Two 12-cylinder MTU diesel engines rated at 3,820hp at 1,800rpm, or two 16-cylinder Cummins QSK60 diesel engines, are used to power the excavator.

ʜɪᴛachi EX8000-6
The hydraulic excavator has a cab that is 9.9 meters high, a 10.5-meter undercarriage, and a 20.5-meter maximum digging reach. The excavator can transport 75t of material in a single load thanks to its 45m3 bucket capacity and 40m3 shovel capacity. There are 2,870kN and 2,230kN of crowding and breakout forces for the shovel, respectively. Two 16-cylinder Cummins QSKTA60-CE diesel engines with a combined output of 3,880 horsepower at 1,800 rpm power the ʜɪᴛachi EX8000-6. Two ʜɪᴛachi TFOA-KK electric motors with a combined 2,400kW of power are installed in the ʜɪᴛachi EX8000E-6 electric excavator.

The Terex RH400 is the largest hydraulic shovel in the world, weighing 1078 tons and with a scooping capacity of 94 tons. It can fill substantial mining trucks like the Komatsu 930E in three or four passes. A vehicle of its kind, the RH400 can scoop up roughly 9900 tons of material every hour, setting a global record. The RH 400’s whole hydraulic system has a 3400-gallon capacity. Because of the machine’s excellent hydraulics, a grease pump with a 1000-liter capacity is included for routine automatic joint lubrication.

Every load matters while excavating with extremely large excavators since they burn a lot of gasoline. You won’t need to worry, though, with the caterpillar 6090’s dual 60-liter diesel engines with 4500 horsepower, which consistently supply power and torque, making the 1690 fs both productive and maneuverable. Faster cycles are made possible by the 6090 fs’ exceptional fuel efficiency, which directly lowers the cost per ton or cubic meter transported. Pumps are not utilized to lower the boom on this enormous beast; float valves are. The machine as a whole weighs 1100 tons, with a 103-ton payload capacity for its bucket.

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