This is the first time you will see such a large agricultural machine.

Agriculture Machine

Mascara Diavel 630+ Mascar 1200s
The Diavel 630 Multiwrap is the perfect tool for harvesting green products because it was created by combining Mascar’s knowledge in the sectors of round balers and wrappers. The working cycle is automatic, and as the bale is being harvested and formed, the rear satellite wrapper winds and unloads the preceding bale, preventing further contamination from touch with the ground. A strong workload, high feed density, dependability, component longevity, and low maintenance costs are guaranteed by the enormous 18-roller fixed chamber and the chain and gear system.

The operator can choose the bale pressure level and continuously monitor the activity of the round baler right from the tractor cab using the user-friendly automobile control terminal. Even when working on a slope, the bales are transferred quickly and safely to the wrapper platform. A steady rotation for proper film overlay is ensured by the wrapper platform’s big rubberized rollers, which also provide optimal traction on the bale. The dual-arm wrapping ᴍᴇᴛʜod brings the task to a successful conclusion by quickly and uniformly applying the film to the whole surface of the bale, resulting in a properly sealed product that will produce outstanding silage quality.

Agricultural tiller
A rotary tiller is an efficient farm tool that is mostly used for land cultivation. It requires less room and is more cost-effective to utilize in terms of upkeep. The farm is prepared for planting and getting a good yield by using rotary tillers, which plow the ground with a succession of blades that break up clods, moisten the soil, and pulverize it. It assists in weeding in between the crops by using a series of spinning blades to break up soil clods.

It is employed to produce a number of desirable outcomes, including soil cutting, breaking, inversion, and movement. A distinct soil type is suitable for the KisanKraft rotavator. Paddy fields and canopied vegetable cultivation make up the majority of its uses. To efficiently tile, assemble the blades on both sides of the tilling system and secure them with a pin.

Let’s see This is the first time you will see such a large agricultural machine in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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