This Is How The World’s Largest Mining Machinery Is Assembled


Caterpillar CAT 7495
For maximum output and profitability, mine operators must always have an electric rope shovel on hand. In response to this crucial need, Caterpillar created the Operator Assist—Enhanced Motion Control system, which is a standard feature on new 7495 Series shovels and an option for some currently in use Cat® 7495 and Bucyrus 495 shovels. The new software is made to make machine operation simpler, enabling the shovel to be operated in a way that simultaneously encourages high productivity and guards against unintentional misuse. The new technology can increase output by decreasing the frequency of operational errors like boom jacks and crowd overspeeds.

Caterpillar D11 Assembly
The Cat ® D11 Dozer offers more productivity at lower costs, resulting in an overall cost per cubic meter of bank that is up to 6% lower than the outgoing model. The D11’s perforᴍᴀɴce-enhancing capabilities enable you to increase the effectiveness of your sleeping operation. When torque is not needed, the torque divider with stator clutch automatically releases the stator, increasing powertrain efficiency and lowering fuel consumption.
High-horsepower reverse accelerates inefficient traveling to shorten cycle times, while load-sensing hydraulics supply the dozer with additional power to improve responsiveness and fuel efficiency. Modern technology are fully incorporated into the dozer, resulting in intelligent equipment and more knowledgeable workers to increase your operation’s production.

Belaz Reuck Assembly
The largest dump truck in the world with the highest payload capacity is the Belaz 75710. A 450 tons weight may be carried by the 75710. It is significantly more robustly constructed than the previous model, which weighed 240 tons when empty and has an empty weight of 450 tons, 500 short. It is 9.87m wide, 8.16m high, and 20.6m long. The amount of material that can be transported is restricted by the bed’s relatively modest depth.
The Siemens MMT 500 drive system is propelled by two MTU 65-litre 16-cylinder four-stocke diasel engines, each with 2,300 horsepower, in place of a single engine. At 198g/kWh per engine, these are coupled to two AC alternators and four AC traction motors, with the option of using just one if carrying less loads. The top speed is 64 km/h, and the top economic speed is 40 km/h.

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