This is how the equipment for maintaining railroad rails works.

Machine Truck

Intervention Vehicle
This vehicle, a road rail intervention vehicle, was created and produced by Muller Technologies AG. With an automatic changeover mechanism, it boasts the most advanced technology. It weighs 14 tons and has a Euro 6 184kW engine with a top highway speed of 89 kph. It also features an automatic transmission.

A road-rail excavator with great capacity is the 22TRR. may move around freely and execute earthmoving chores straight from a railroad track. This equipment was originally a Caterpillar excavator, and it still has the original machine’s boom kinematics. The R/R excavator is capable of lifting 6 T up to 4.5 meters from the track’s center.

The ZAGRO RR222 railway tow vehicle can pull trailer loads weighing up to 2800 t. The tractor’s engine and cab are built like conventional Terberg terminal tractors, offering all the advantages that are well-known around the globe. A gauge of 1000 to 1668 mm is the only modification required to travel on railroads.

Road Rail Multi Purpose Maintenance
Specially developed SRS Road-Rail truck for railway maintenance operations. The car incorporates a movable bogie for simple rail access and SRS AWD hydrostatic rail travel. With the use of a remote control, the vehicle can be operated both inside the cab and outdoors. Vehicles can be equipped with a variety of modules, including cranes, support legs, loading platforms, drum racks, etc.

Rail Milling
This Rail-Road-Truck SF02 FS rail milling machine is made by Linsinger in Aᴜsᴛʀɪᴀ. By polishing the rail’s harmed top steel layer, the rail milling train repairs the track. It has rotating wheels with countless cutting tips that slice off little segments of rail. By moving slowly, the train continuously fixes any flaws as it passes. The refurbished rail provides a pleasant ride for both passenger and freight trains thanks to a polishing head.

Let’s see these how machinery for the maintenance of train tracks operates ion the amazing video below.

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