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We are bringing out the most potent chainsaw in this episode. The MS 881 Magnum Stihl. This chainsaw is a real monster! Watch as we practice what we’ve learned to create some gorgeous oak cookie slabs! We can’t wait to include it in our stable of Stihl chainsaws!

Professionals can find the performance they require in the MS 881 chainsaw for the biggest, roughest and most demanding jobs. The MS 881R is the largest and most potent saw in the STIHL series thanks to its upgraded engine design and guide bar lengths of up to 41″. Time and money can be saved thanks to the new model’s increased fuel efficiency. The stop switch, which reduces the possibility of flooding the engine while starting and immediately returns to the run position after the engine is stopped, is another time-saving feature.

The latest STIHL MS 881 chainsaw is the most potent one currently being produced. The MS 881 was created with the largest timber jobs in mind, after the highly respected MS 880 chainsaw, which was a favorite of foresters, the arboriculture sector, and saw-mill workers.

It is still made in Gᴇʀᴍᴀɴʏ using professional-grade components, such as a magnesium crankcase from our own magnesium casting plant, and has similar total power and weight to the MS 880. For the most difficult tasks, turn to the MS 881 chainsaw.

This 121.6 cm3 powerhouse has a powerhead that weighs 9.9 kg, or 12.7 kg with the STIHL Rollomatic ES 75 cm/30″ bar and STIHL.404′′ Rapid Super chain, and produces 6.4 kW/8.7 hp and a massive 8.0 Nm of torque.

The new MS 400 C-M chainsaw, the first production chainsaw in the world with a magnesium piston, and the STIHL MS 462 C-M, which has an outstanding ratio in the 70c class, are in the same performance to weight category as the STIHL MS 881 system weight (powerhead only), which is 1.5 kg/kW.

Additionally, this is the only chainsaw in the STIHL lineup that utilizes the substantial.404″ Rapid Super chain, which provides the best cutting performance of any STIHL saw chain, along with a full chisel tooth and minimal cutting resistance. It is therefore ideal for professional forestry and wood harvesting.

The only saw of this power and cubic capacity on the market today that satisfies the stringent EU 5 emissions regulations has an entirely redesigned 2- MIX motor. Beyond the new, potent STIHL 2-MIX engine and the bold, aggressive look, there have been a number of other refinements.

When longer bar lengths are utilized on professional chainsaws like the MS 881, the new oil pump controls the oil delivery to give the appropriate oil flow for the task at hand depending on the rpm level.

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