The world’s most incredible factory machine – Metal Bending, Spinning and Forging Processes

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The Azhur-4 Twisted Tube Machine is shown here. metal tubes between 10 and 160mm in diameter are twisted. A twisted tube provides the finished item with a distinctive and original appearance. The tube has a lovely braided appearance when it is twisted in different ways. The Azhur-8M metal tube embossing machine is now visible. The market places a high value on this item, which is referred to as a railing strip. Additionally, Azhur Stal produces hydraulic presses for twisting metal. Azhur-3M hydraulic press is this machine’s name in the business. Design for the production of geometric pieces from 6 to 16 mm square and round metal bars. accessory for 90-degree tube bending. Widening tool for metal tubes used in connectors. a piece of equipment that turns the press into a creative forging tool.

Typical forging technique used in a Korean firm. Here, we’ll learn how a 3-tool rake is made by hand. There is proof that forging first appeared around the seventh century BC. They were cold-forged ᴄᴏᴘper utensils that could be molded with the aid of a stone. When iron was discovered, people started forging tools, weapons, and household items. This rake’s tines are individually formed. The ᴍᴇᴛʜod of forging is still similar to that used in the Middle Ages.

Wherein the metal is heated and molded by focused hammer strokes. Here, the craftsᴍᴀɴ uses a hydraulic hammer with a 6-ton force. Steel tubes are used to bend the metal during the bending process. The item is finally adjusted by hammer blows. The piece is placed back in the oven following each step. the third tooth is shaped.

Metspin Metal Spinning
ᴍᴀɴufacturing procedure for metal spinning pieces. putting the item in the lathe’s center. Metal discs can be shaped into cylinders, cones, and other symmetrical shapes by spinning them around an axis. Here, we can see how a stainless steel lid is made. The process of metal spinning is also used to create large pieces. This image shows the wiring of a 2.5mm aluminum, 1.8m basin. By applying pressure, a lever system is used to represent. The mold that creates the part’s shape is pressed up against the metal. Metal spinning, in contrast to other shaping techniques, is typically cold. trimming extra metal and adjusting the edge. preparing regions for drilling by polishing the outside.

Let’s see The world’s most incredible factory machine – Metal Bending, Spinning and Forging Processes in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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