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FLSmidth MAAG Gear S.p.A
Products from MAAG Gear are precise, accurate, and durable. FLSmidth is a market pioneer for high-quality heavy-duty gear units, drive systems, and geared components for the cement, mining, and other sectors under the MAAF Gear brand. They have more than a century of expertise designing and producing equipment, so they know how to keep things going well for your business. Continuous performance, high precision, and dependability highlight MAAG Gear units’ distinctiveness. Additionally, modular systems are simple to install, run, and maintain.

Since 1966, when FLSmidth successfully introduced planetary gear unit technology to the cement industry, more than 6000 MAAG gear units and 1000 girth gears have been sold. The MAAG product line comprises a variety of heavy-duty gear units for all kinds of kilns and mills, as well as gear options for bucket-wheel excavators, belt convetors, and many more heavy-duty uses. Additionally, they produce numerous spare parts, bevel sets, and girth up to 11.2 meters in diameter.

Gleason Corporation
The Gleason Agilus 180TH is a multi-purpose machine that can turn, hob, chamfer, and debur. Modern technology and machining techniques are available with the Agilus 180TH for all types of cylindrical gears that can be made by hobbling. Turning, drilling, and milling operations, as well as hobbling and ensuing producing chamfering and deburring, can be conducted in the sane environment thanks to the tool turrent for locating fixed or dirven tools. The machine can clamp a variety of workpieces with support on both sides to provide maximum rigidity during cutting thanks to the CNC-controlled tailstock.

SMS group GmbH
Engineering for drives from SMS Group. Heavy gears are SMS group GmbH’s area of expertise. The gears made by SMS Group are capable of operating under demanding conditions such as heavy weights, low oscillation, and round-the-clock use. However, that is only possible due of the precise measurements, shaping, and positioning achieved by the SMS group. Additionally, all of their gear parts have high-quality surfaces, particularly on the toothing.

They established a specialized production center in Hilchenbach in order to meet the stringent requirements of these specialized items. It has a 4000m2 floor area with comprehensive tooth milling and grinding centers, along with quality assurance and assembly zones. A stand-alone measuring device that can handle gearwheels that weigh up to 40 tons and have diameters as large as 5500mm inspects the gearing.

Let’s see the world’s largest gear manufacturing process – CNC machines in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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