The tractor plows itself! Tracked Gregoire Besson 11-furrow reversible plow and John Deere 9460RT!

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A clever tractor that actually plows itself, not just a large caterpillar tractor!

A Gregoire Besson SPSL-B9 reversible plow is used in conjunction with a 2013 John Deere 9460RT crawler tractor. The plow has remarkable dimensions! This plow originally had 12 furrows, but in this case, one body was removed, and I’ll tell you why. This plow was initially used with a John Deere 9th series wheeled tractor, but it was difficult for him to handle, so the final body was taken out.

The project was abandoned, and the plow was modified to fit a caterpillar tractor, which essentially does not feel it when pulling it. However, for some reason, the body was not given back.

The plow’s settings are 4.4 meters in breadth and 27 cm in working depth. Each shift processes 40 hectares. This region uses about 700 liters of fuel each year. Another fascinating aspect – the tractor works on autopilot! The machine operator only operates the tractor when making turns; otherwise, he merely monitors the progress of the job! Even the tractor itself chooses the driving speed!

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Video resource: LandTech

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