The Tower 750 Ton Truck from Volvo Trucks is the most incredible truck.


Truck ᴍᴀɴufacturers must come up with innovative strategies to set their tractor-trailers apart from the competition as the transportation sector grows. Torque ratio and towing capacity are two factors that drivers typically take into account while choosing the proper truck. Volvo completed an amazing test in which one truck hauled 750 tonnes (825 US tons), proving the excellence of its trucks. Even though the feat is a first in the world, the weight obviously only pertains to the weight and not the resistive rolling force. Watch the Volvo FH16 carrying a lengthy line of fully laden trailers in the video below.

This astonishing achievement shows how powerful Volvo trucks are because it would be impossible to pull a cargo this heavy and long on a normal route. To spice up the challenge, Magnus Samuelsson, the strongest ᴍᴀɴ in the world, was hired as the rig’s driver. To drive a Volvo, you don’t need to be the strongest ᴍᴀɴ in the planet, though we suppose it would be helpful in a situation like this.

The initial burst of energy is by far the biggest observed throughout the challenge, according to the physics at play here. The truck’s engine must overcome the wheels’ static friction in order to start everything going. You can see the tension on the cab as it lifts up when the train of crates first starts to move. When all of this mass is moving, the track picks up speed and the engine is put under significantly less stress. Kinetic friction develops as a result of the rig’s mobility, resulting in a reduction in the resistive forces of motion compared to when it was stationary. Nevertheless, a remarkable engineering achievement.

It would take a tremendous amount of distance to stop the automobiles if a truck ever hauled this much weight at highway speeds, not to mention how ᴍᴀɴy disk brakes you would wear out. So, if you need a semi-truck, Volvo is rather versatile.

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Video resource: Gear Tech HD

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