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CSG Fracking Tanker
Our CSG fracking tanker ground blusty trailers were created by an Aᴜsᴛʀᴀʟɪᴀn company exclusively to transport coal seam gas Wastewater. If you didn’t know, the process of digging wells into subterranean coal seams and pumping water from the seams to the surface releases calcium gas. Coal seam gas wastewater is the term for the effluent that is released together with the water from the coal seam. Although the quality of this wastewater can vary, salts and minerals are typically present. Therefore, it needs to be treated before being discarded. In order to help prevent silt buildup when the trailer tips, this vehicle includes specially made baffles inside the metal tanks.

High Volume Side Tipper
It was once again created for the trash sector by Graham Lusty trailers. Its load volume ranges from 24 to 70 cubic meters, and it can handle everything from sand to iron ore. The trailer can transport items like mineral sand without spilling thanks to the huge dump body’s side doors and spherical bearing hinges. The chassis is made of 700 grade mechanical steel with quenched and tempered skid plates, with the exception of a few minor parts.

The chassis and tub bodies experience less stress because to the Tipping Pivots multi-link floating design. A smoother ride, less tear weight, and a simpler way to read load weights are all benefits of the Hendrickson airbag suspension. The center of gravity does not rise above the tire footprint during unloading, which improves stability and allows for a foreign unloading time of less than 30 seconds.

Soil King Supreme
This goes beyond being a simple dump truck. The operator only needs to push a button to open the cover once they have the material. The foldable conveyor distributes the materials widely throughout construction sites. This makes it possible for it to enter small spaces where the operator can efficiently control the discharge using a wireless controller. It is made of hardox 450, which offers a special blend of tenacity and hardness. In contrast to conventional spreaders, toughness allows the body to survive unexpected sʜᴏᴄᴋs, jolts, and bangs while hardness helps the body maintain its shape. With a lower center of gravity than other loading vehicles, the dirt Supreme King is ideal for safer driving and operation without compromising load yield or efficiency.

Lift Live Bottom Unloading
It was created by the industrial sector to do away with the necessity for a loader to spread materials in the field. It can facilitate elevating its parts to a height of 5 meters. When the tub is lifted, other pieces of equipment, most notably the bogie, can be loaded beneath the trailer with around two meters of clearance. It has two hydraulic cylinders, one on each side, and may be elevated via a remote control. The entire apparatus, which may utilize up to 30 cubic meters of material. A typical live bottom is possible for goods related to agriculture or construction using the conveyor belt for safer dumping.

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