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Liebherr LHM 800
From the LTM series All Terrain cranes, noted for their mobile off-road all-terrain chassis, to crawlers and tower cranes, Liebherr provides a wide selection of crane models. The Liebherr LTC cranes’ small size also takes the All-Terrain principle, and instead of two cabins for driving and operating, this series has a single cabin.
For load capacities up to 60 tons, the LTF truck-mounted cranes, sometimes known as “boom trucks” in North America, are an affordable substitute. Recently released cranes from the LRT Rough Terrains range offer great off-road performance. Furthermore, the LG Series of lattice boom truck cranes offer all the benefits of a crawler crane with the added advantage of allowing you to transport the lower carrier without having to load it onto a trailer. They can also handle extremely heavy loads and have exceptionally large working heights and load radiuses.

Grove GTK1100
With a maximum lift capacity of 165 tons, the Grove GTK1100 is a mobile telesᴄᴏᴘing crane that combines the greatest qualities of a crawler and tower crane. The longest boom is 196 feet long, while the longest tower is 251 feet. The superstructure’s engine is a Mercedes-Benz OM906LA. This water-cooled, 6-cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine has a 258 horsepower rating. In an emergency, a 4-cylinder Lombardini LDW1401 30 engine may power the crane.
In addition, the power pack for the crane’s tower part features a four-cylinder Mercedes Benz OM904LA engine of its own. One axial variable displacement pump for telesᴄᴏᴘing and assembling the tower section, and one gear pump for the outrigger and pinning systems, make up the hydraulic system of the power pack.

One of the most amazing vehicles in the L&W Fleet is the Colmar T10000FS. This machine has been with L&W for a while and has worked on significant projects like the Bluebell Railway. It can handle large, heavy lifting requirements. When utilized in switches and crossings, this machine can perform high-duty labor, and two of these machines can complete a significant amount of work. See the image below to see 2 of our Colmar machines at work installing rail.

This machine has a massive weight of 31.33 tonnes and can tow up to 46 tonnes. Although it’s not the greatest vehicle for towing and heavy towing, you can find alternative vehicles in our fleet to meet your needs. Additionally, this machine features a 15-ton Dipper End SWL. With that said, this machine is unquestionably what you need if you plan to perform some serious lifting! You may see ECCs and duty charts below.

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