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The world’s biggest and heaviest passenger plane is the Airbus A380. It has a height of 24 m (78 ft), a length of 73 m (240 ft), and a take-off weight of up to 560 tons. If all of the wiring in the A380 were strung end to end, it would span the 515 miles from London to Edinburgh (320 mi).

Each of its four engines is capable of producing 70,000 pounds of thrust, which is roughly the same as 3500 vehicles operating at full throttle. Because it uses less fuel, makes very little noise, and even has the capacity to “think” for itself and autonomously apply the brakes after landing on the runway, the A380 raises the bar for environmental protection.

Sadly, despite the A380’s popularity with passengers, Airbus has announced that it will stop producing the superjumbo passenger plane in 2021 due to a lack of orders. Furthermore, it is very possible that the current coronavirus pandemic will force the early retirement of the A380. Only 14 airlines in the world still fly the massive aircraft, but that hasn’t stopped them from designing Sᴛᴜɴning and ground-breaking First Class amenities for their flagship A380 aircraft. Here is a list of my top ten favorite First Class cabins on the A380.

Watch the heaviest A380 in the world make an aircraft carrier landing. Since this was only a challenge for me to attempt in the flight simulation, nothing in this movie actually occurs in real life.

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