The Centroid A560 port/Block is a combined 5-axis CNC machining center for cylinder heads and blocks.

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Whether you need to port a single head or a lot of heads due to a high rate of production. Beautiful cylinder heads will be produced by the CENTROID A560. Unlike the competitors, its heavy-duty ball screw drive articulating the fifth axis offers higher rigidity! The A560 turn-key kit also comes with a basic tooling set, professional training, and first-rate customer support.

The V12, V10, V8, V6, Inline 6, 5, and 4 cylinders, Import, Motorcycle, Gas, and Diesel engine combinations are just a few of the engine layouts that the A560 can port cylinder heads from. With its distinctive and proprietary technology, the CENTROID porting system surpasses the constraints of existing CNC porting machines and offers better ports with smooth transitions.

Long cylinder heads, such as inline 6 cylinder gas and diesel heads, can be CNC ported using the A560. The porting procedure has been made simpler by CENTROID; you can now digitize a head in the morning and start making perfect ᴄᴏᴘies in the afternoon. The most potent race-winning heads are produced by our customer’s thanks to a mix of accuracy, repeatability, training, and assistance.

The articulating head with ballscrew drive from CENTROID was created especially for CNC cylinder head porting. The tool can cut even the most radical ports thanks to the articulating head’s 120 degrees of total tilt, which it offers thanks to its sturdy cast iron construction made in the USA. The A560’s design minimizes tool motion for swift, fluid cutting. The articulating head’s special ballscrew drive creates the smoothest 5-axis action available. Additionally, the design eliminates backlash and upkeep issues with our competitors’ equipment. CENTROID has succeeded where others have failed with their inventive, durable arcʜɪᴛecture that creates great ports.

Additionally, the A560 is capable of digitizing in five axes. Therefore, there are no additional machines to purchase or outside digitization costs. The A560 has a 5-axis automatic cylinder head port digitizing on-machine. From beginning to end, a head may be ᴄᴏᴘied and sliced in under a day.

Utilize the same machine and control software to both digitize and cut. To digitize a skull, no additional CMM machine or software is required. For digitizing, the same configuration menus are utilized for cutting. A time-saving tool available exclusively to CENTROID, the true 5-axis Digitizing process outperforms the competition. The digitization of the CENTROID 5-axis intake and exhaust ports is quick and precise, with no comparison to the 3-axis patch approach.

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