The CENTROID A560 Port/Block is a combined 5-axis CNC cylinder head and block machining center.

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The CENTROID A560 and A560XL engine shop CNC Machining Centers are a complete turn-key system that, with the help of its innovative and patented technology, overcomes ᴍᴀɴy of the drawbacks of other CNC porting machines. We also offer our clients expert training and support. With CENTROID’s cutting-edge technology, you can use a single machine to produce engine blocks and cylinder heads with incredible tolerances and surface finishes. The most potent race-winning engines on the market are produced by our customers thanks to a combination of accuracy, repeatability, training, and support.

The CENTROID porting system’s accuracy is unmatched by any other device. Your design will be machined exactly where it should be thanks to our excellent combustion chamber side to ᴍᴀɴifold side matching. There is no need for a separate digitizing machine because Centroid’s DP4 Digitizer runs on the CNC machine and automatically ᴄᴏᴘies your original hand-ported head.

flexible CNC machine Multi-purpose machine: can machine combustion chambers, cylinder heads, and intake ᴍᴀɴifolds as well as engrave letters, numbers, and symbols and add o-ring grooves. All types of import cylinder heads, including V8 heads, V6 and 4 cylinders, Harley Davidson heads, and motorcycle cylinder heads made of cast iron or aluminum with 4 or 5 valves. The CNC articulating head from CENTROID was created especially for CNC cylinder head porting. The A560 B axis, which is made of rigid cast iron in the USA, offers 30 degrees of tilt in each direction (for a total of 60 degrees), enabling the tool to cut even the most radical ports. With this clever, durable design, which produces fantastic ports even better than machines costing twice as much, CENTROID has succeeded where others have failed.

Each machine comes with the most recent Multi-Axis Mastercam software and a one-year maintenance contract. We show you how to use Mastercam to consistently produce flawless CNC ports. This robust package lets you access your digitizing data, create the porting program, and, if necessary, modify hand-ported designs. The CENTROID/Mastercam CNC porting system is the most user-friendly and well-supported porting package on the market, and it offers significant cost and effectiveness advantages.

Short times between cylinder head and block changes. Using the same machine, cutting-edge CENTROID technology produces precise results on both cylinder heads and blocks. Three machines in one: a CNC machining center, a CNC engine block, and a CNC cylinder head. The turn-key block option comes with on-site training and all the specialized tooling required to begin machining blocks. engraving, 4 bolt main conversions, lifter borelcounter bore, cranklrod clarence, drilling, rigid tapping, and 24 pocket automatic tool changer.

Let’s see Combo 5-axis CNC Cylinder Head & Block Machining center: The CENTROID A560 Port/Block in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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