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It’s no secret that melons can get rather large; a watermelon typically weighs about 20 pounds. However, the record-breaking heaviest weight was 350 pounds. Chris Kent, a Tennessee farmer, was the owner of this record-breaking watermelon. In 2013, Chris won first place for the watermelon he displayed at the Operation Pumpkin Festival in Hamilton, Ohio. Chris claimed that watermelons thrive in the south and that he has always loved gardening. Since their vines spread extremely quickly, watermelons typically require a minimum of six hours of light per day and a large amount of open terrain. Unexpectedly, the fruit doesn’t require a lot of water; typically, growers simply water their plants every three days. The largest that these delectable fruits can grow to could weigh as much as 70 pounds if the ideal conditions are met.

When life hands you lemons, they say to create lemonade, but it might be difficult since the more lemonade you make, the more there is to drink. There are lemons available that are large enough to fill multiple jugs rather than a single glass. The record-breaking lemon weighed a whopping 11 pounds. Aharon Shemoel, an Isʀᴀᴇʟi farmer, first grew it in 2003. The lemon was larger and taller than most people’s heads, measuring 74 by 35 centimeters, or 29 by 13.7 inches. Due to its location between 29 and 33 degrees north of the equator, Isʀᴀᴇʟ has a subtropical climate or one that is akin to the Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers and chilly, rainy winters.

Citrus fruits thrive in this climate and are ideal for growing here because they require at least five hours of sunlight per day. If you prefer orange juice instead of lemonade, the largest orange in the world—largest by circumference—might be of interest. This exceptional orange, which was grown in the fertile garden of Patrick and Joanne Fiedler in Fresno, California, in 2006, had a diameter measuring 63.5 centimeters or 25 inches around its widest point and appeared to be the size of a boulder. Given that Fresno hasn’t had snow since 1998 when barely a half-inch of snow fell there, it’s not unexpected that citrus fruits may flourish there and reach enormous heights.

You would anticipate a large leek because they are normally long and thick, but nothing could have prepared you for this specific one. The biggest Leek in the world, weighing 21 pounds, was created by Paul Rochester, a leek grower in the UK for more than 19 years. The world’s largest leeks are grown by a leek aficionado using a variety of ᴍᴇᴛʜods, including supplemental illumination for eight hours per day for one month and twice-weekly 10-minute watering of the plants. Paul then restricts watering the leeks to only five minutes, once a week, as the season passes and the plants grow. That takes some real commitment, but it’s also possibly how he manages to grow the biggest leeks in the entire world. In order to protect them from the elements and help them develop even further, Paul also advises growing them indoors. Leeks are very adaptable vegetables with a high tolerance for a variety of soil types that thrive in milder climates.

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