The 5 Largest Excavators In The World


The most potent hydraulic excavators in our product line are the PC8000-6 and -11. At 1800 rpm, the engine produces 2 x 1500 kW/2010 HP. The operating weight is between 752 and 773 tons for KOMATSU PC8000. The 42m3 capacity of the backhoe and the shovel. From 240 to 400 U.S. ton trucks are compatible. The spacious and comfortable cab is sound-insulated and mounted on 18 viscous dampening pads. The cab is pressurized and features automatic climate control.
The operator’s seat includes several adjustments, is air-suspended, electrically heated, and has a lap seat belt. A lap seat belt is also included with the trainer seat. Front shovel clam, crawler, and swing brake foot controls are electro-hydraulic low-effort joystick controls. A CD player with MP3 compatibility, KOMTRAX Plus, and complete instrumentation is installed.

The R 9800 combines productivity and flexibility to fulfill our client’s needs. For this machine, Liebherr offers a choice of two thermal engine ᴍᴀɴufacturers. There is also an electric version, with engines from Cummins or Liebherr. The R 9800 with Liebherr T 264, T 274, and T 284 trucks together offer a highly efficient and affordable extraction solution for large-scale mining. The excavator-turned-beast mode, which weighs an astounding 800 tons, epitomizes the saying “go big or go home” and has established a solid reputation for large-capacity mining operations, capable of handling the most difficult mining tasks. And despite the fact that you might believe you are an expert on the Liebherr R 9800 excavator, you are not.

ʜɪᴛACHI EX8000
The Ex8000-6 is our largest excavator and is capable of extraordinarily high levels of productivity. Twin Cummins diesel engines provide the power and maximum operating efficiency that comes from our computer-aided Engine-Pump Control. The flow speed can be increased, between unloading and excavating, to further operating efficiencies. A ʜɪᴛachi EH4000 ASCII dump truck must be loaded in three passes using an EX8000-6 equipped with a 40m3 loading shovel or a 43m3 backhoe bucket. Additionally, it may be used to load our largest dump truck, the EH5000AC-3, which requires four to five passes

The Terex RH400 is the world’s largest hydraulic shovel and weighs 1078 tons with a shovel capacity of 94 tons in a single scoop. With three or four runs, it can fill large mining trucks like the Komatsu 930E. The RH400 holds the world record for a vehicle of this type with its working capacity of approximately 9900 tons of material per hour. Because the RH400 can operate in harsh environments, there are several devices to pre-heat the engine oil, coolant, and hydraulic oil to prevent it from cooling down to difficult operation levels. These machines, like any other automotive components, perform best when they are warmed up. The whole hydraulic system for the RH400 retains 3400 gallons. Due to the complex hydraulics of this machine, a grease pump with a 1000-liter capacity holds grease for the machine’s regular automatic joint lubrication. Given the amount of weight that the RH400 must support, excessive friction on any of the working members could be disastrous.

Caterpillar 6090 FS
Every load counts when it comes to digging with ultra-large excavators as they tend to really guzzle fuel. However, with the caterpillar 6090, you have less to worry about because its dual 60-liter diesel engines with 4500 horsepower give reliable power and torque making the 1690fs immediately contribute to lowering the cost per ton or cubic meter move for faster cycles. Instead of utilizing pumps, this massive beast lowers the boom using float valves. Its bucket has a 103 tons payload capacity and the overall machine has an 1100-ton operating weight.

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