The 4000 Holmer Sugar Beet Harvester harvests sugar beets in 12-row rows.

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The 12-row HR 12 lifting unit on the Terra Dos T4 sugar beet harvester from 4,000 HOLMER is painted wʜɪᴛe with black accents. The color scheme is also transferred to the cabin’s interior. The initial Terra Dos machines are recalled by the black Terra Dos writing. Numerous new series features on the Terra Dos T4 with serial number 4,000 will be displayed at Agritechnica in Hanover.

EasyHelp 4.0, the latest version of the telemetry system, is primarily a service solution for remote Holmer machine diagnosis and maintenance. The after-sales department has access to the machine data after receiving permission from the machine operator to review the machine’s current settings and data recordings. Providing the best possible supply of spare parts and conducting focused troubleshooting, expedites fault diagnosis and considerably reduces downtime. Through the manufacturer-independent data sharing platform agriculture, EasyHelp 4.0 is also linked to many farm management systems, including farm pilots.

To provide the most effective logistics planning, the Terra Dos T4 has a yield metering system for the number of bunkers and ton per job. The Terra Dos T4 includes separate, pressure-monitored, speed-controlled drives for the transfer web and turbines to ensure a consistently high cleaning and conveying capacity. The settings of the transfer web, turbines, and elevator are also based on driving speed with the automatic adaptive cleaning plus, which enhances beet protection. This is due to the fact that while harvesting on a headland or at the end of a row, there are frequently few beets in the cleaning system.

The Terra Dos T4 now offers even greater durability. To minimize wear and increase operational safety, numerous changes have been implemented. The scalper blades for the DynaCut have a new design. The longer service life of the knives—up to seven times—is made possible by the steeper angle of the edge, which avoids rapid blunting of the blades. Large harvest quantities are safely transported via forged and then hardened guide rails in the cleaning system, which has obvious benefits, especially with bigger lifting units. The elevator’s strengthened feeder bars also provide additional stability for high harvest yields. Steel that is resistant to wear and abrasion, Hardox®, is now used for the SCʀᴀᴘᴇr floor rails.

Longer durability is a goal of the new lifting share DuraShare, a forged share from a single casting. To guard against wear, little carbide plates are welded onto the lower edge. During the casting process, they create a slipstream edge for the cast iron. Thus, fewer dirt and rock come into contact with the forged portion, ensuring a longer lifespan for the share. Because the Holmer DuraShare is backward compatible, it may be added to the previous Terra Dos series. It is currently offered as an authentic Holmer spare part and is covered by a design patent.

The Michelin VF 900/60 R 38 tires on the front axle and the Mitas SFT 1250/50 R 32 tires on both rear axles are now also available for the Terra Dos T4-40 with HR 12. Thus, driving the four rear tires at only 1.2 bar (17.4 psi) tire pressure ensures the greatest possible contact patch and ground protection. At the Hanover trade fair, the 4,000th HOLMER sugar beet harvester with a special WʜɪᴛE painting will be more than simply a showpiece. The sugar beet harvester bearing serial number 4,000 has already been sold and will be put into operation at Bauer Agrarservice in Eastern Gᴇʀᴍᴀɴʏ during the following harvesting season.

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