Strip Farming – Harvesting Red Cabbage, Carrots, and Belgian Endive – Bi-Jovira Organic Farms

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In this movie, we travel to Bi-Jovira Organic Farms where we see the harvesting of Belgian endive, red cabbage, and carrots using self-made machinery intended specifically for strip farming. Nine different crops are planted side by side in 3-meter wide strips using the strip farming or cropping technique. Increasing biodiversity in the land will help the crops remain healthier without fertilizer or spraying. They also employ controlled traffic farming (CTF), a technique that only causes local soil compaction in the same area each year and is built on permanent wheel tracks with the crop zone and traffic lanes kept apart permanently. This benefits the crop and the organisms in the soil.

Red, wʜɪᴛe, and green cabbage, among other varieties of cabbage, can all be harvested using the cabbage harvester. We provide two major harvester types: one for fresh market (storage) and one for industrially processed (direct processing) cabbage. Both harvesters use the same harvesting ᴍᴇᴛʜodology. Two torpedoes with propulsion raise the cabbages. The cabbages are raised by these torpedoes and placed in front of the clip bindings. To safeguard the cabbage, all of the leaves are folded over it.

The clip bindings take the cabbage and pull them out of the ground with the help of stainless steel bars. Both clip bindings contain cutouts in the form of cabbages. A propelled stainless steel blade cuts the roots and the extra leaves underneath the clip bindings. The height of this blade is movable. Two conveyors turning in opposing directions are located at the conclusion of the clip bindings and are used to remove any extra leaves that were wrapped around the cabbage. The elevator that follows the rolls transports the cabbage to a container or directly into a trailer pulling alongside.

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