Short in Height but you want to be a pilot? Female Pilot Michelle has the answers for you


Before being accepted for pilot school, aspIʀᴀɴts to join the U.S. Air Force must first fulfill a number of standards, including height. Height waivers are available for persons who don’t meet the Air Force’s height criteria.

A standing height of 5 feet, 4 inches to 6 feet, 5 inches, and a sitting height of 34 to 40 inches is currently needed to become an Air Force pilot. Many years ago, these uniform height standards have been utilized to guarantee that applicants will be able to fit into both operational aircraft and each of the necessary training aircraft. In order to properly reflect the fact that no two persons are exactly alike, despite having the same overall height, we are updating these guidelines.

The majority of our aircraft can handle pilots of all heights, although height limits are an operational restriction rather than a medical one. The majority of people who are under 5 feet 4 inches tall and have requested a waiver in the previous five years have, in general, been granted.

To review and accommodate people who don’t meet our published requirements, we have a wonderful mechanism in place. An applicant has historically a larger than 95% chance of being accepted for service as a pilot if they are over 5 feet, or 2 inches, tall. In the previous five years, waivers have been granted to applicants who are as little as 4 feet, or 11 inches tall.

Sitting eye height, buttocks to knee length, and arm span are anthropometric measurements. When assessing waiver eligibility, the Air Force exclusively accepts the anthropometric device at Wright Patterson AFB. At the U.S. Air Force Academy, the measures are performed by a specialized crew.

The surgeon general of the Air Education Training Command and representatives of the Nineteenth Air Force, who are in charge of overseeing all of the Air Force’s first flying training, collaborate to organize waiver packages after that.

The pilot waiver system is in place to determine if pilot applicants of various sizes can operate assigned aircraft safely, and applicants who are noticeably taller or shorter than usual may need extra screening.

But, the Air Force is doing everything that we can to make a career in aviation a possibility for as many people as possible. Another way we can increase the number of qualified pilot candidates is through the waiver procedure.

Work with your commission source or call the Air Force Call Center at 1-800-423-USAF if you’re interested in learning more about height waivers.

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