Safety first A flight attendant – we have favourites on board who we’d save first in an emergency


In order to ensure that you won’t trip over any stray bags in the event that we have to evacuate, we search the cabin for them. To make getting out of your seats and tray tables easier, we ensure that everyone is seated correctly. We also check that everyone has their window coverings up so they can see anything unusual outside.

In this most recent installment of my weekly column for Sun Online Travel, I’ll explain why you need to start paying more attention to our safety messaging because most passengers don’t realize that this is a two-way interaction.

The pre-flight safety demonstration is ultimately simply a necessary part of our job for me, and sometimes all we can do is go through the motions, but I can always tell who isn’t paying attention. I can picture it as if I were a performer on stage, but nobody was paying attention. But we must since it is in your best interest and in terms of safety.

Of course, it’s not personal; it only implies that when it comes to potentially saving lives on board, we might have our favorites. We might favor those who are paying attention over the people who aren’t since they will know what to do. We will, of course, assist everyone in any way that we can, but it’s just one of those things.

If soᴍᴇᴛʜing goes wrong, you can only imagine that the person who wasn’t paying attention will beg for assistance and inquire as to what they should be doing. If you had listened to us when we told you that specifically, you might have known. Please at least let us know where your exits are if you must persist on disobeying us.

That’s the most important thing for us because it prevents us from having to go in the wrong direction to assist individuals who haven’t listened if you know where to go in an emergency.

The more individuals who know what to do in an emergency because there are so ᴍᴀɴy of us on board, not just the flight attendants, the better because if there is a problem, it will be chaotic. You should be aware of how crucial it is to leave your bags at home.

It goes without saying that you should have all of your paperwork and belongings with you when travelling, but this is a matter of life and ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ.

When you board your aircraft, keep in mind that while all of those items can be replaced, you cannot. In the meantime, flight attendants scan the plane’s aisles for a very straightforward reason. Additionally, there is a button that the flight attendants detest when customers press it.

Let’s see These Flight Attendants Revealed The First Thing They Notice When You Board A Plane in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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