S790 John Deere on Tracks with a 24 Row Corn Head

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With Big Tractor Power, a 2019 John Deere S790 Combine on tracks and a 24-row corn head are in the field. We learn about John Deere’s new track system for S700 combines as we ride up in the S790 cab and watch the combine work in the field. We’ll also take a ride in a 520 horsepower, track-equipped John Deere 9520RX tractor in this video. The combine harvester type S 790 is produced by John Deere. Complete specs and datasheets for this equipment are available here for download.

A John Deere engine that can produce up to 460kW powers the John Deere S 790 machine (616 horsepower). One of the more potent machines in the group of combine harvesters is this John Deere unit. The model is 9.1 meters by 3.99 meters by 4 meters in size.

On the John Deere S 790, there are three more options: Chopper, Chaff spreader, and Cabin. Rollover prevention, ss Monitor, and all-wheel drive are not offered. Specifications and machine descriptions in the John Deere S 790 specs datasheet are more detailed. A free data sheet in German is available from LECTURA Specs. A revised list price for the S 790 that ranges from €427000 to €544000 is still being manufactured in 2017.

If you’re interested in learning more about pricing and current residual values, check out the LECTURA Valuation system. The most popular John Deere models of this type on LECTURA Specs are the W 330, S 690 I, and W 540 HM, while there are 68 additional combine harvesters available with power ranging from 157kW to 460kW.

Let’s see the S790 John Deere on Tracks with a 24 Row Corn Head working in the amazing video below.

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