Recycling bag to grow huge Melon – Get Fruits Eat Fatigue Mouth – Amazing Agriculture technique


The best growing medium is standard potting soil mix, which is available in ᴍᴀɴy garden centers. It is slightly acidic, drains excess water, yet retains moisture. Check the labels because these potting soil mixtures frequently contain relatively few nutrients. Watermelons are hungry plants, but too much fertilizer can lead to root burns, so make sure to add some organic fertilizer, such as compost, humus, and NPK fertilizer like 15:15:15 with slow release of nutrients.

Additionally, watermelons take raw ᴍᴀɴure fairly well, and adding it in modest quantities can raise the temperature surrounding the roots, resulting in a greater crop. If you aren’t sure what you’re doing, skip this mixture because it doesn’t smell good. Plants planted in pots need to be watered every day, and when temperatures are above 30°C, they need to be watered twice daily. Even in the sweltering summer heat, if the plants are grown in larger containers, watering only needs to be done once day. Water the plants in the morning, and if there is wilting in the morning or afternoon, water more frequently.

A dripping system that continuously waters plants is one of the watering problems that could be solved. Take a sizable plastic soda bottle, fill it with water, then bury it in the ground if you don’t have a drip system. It may take some trial and error to figure out how to arrange a bottle like this to get the correct water flow, but any extra water will eventually drain away.

Use liquid fertilizers or fertilizers in pellet form with a slow release of nutrients to fertilize during the vegetation period. These fertilizers and their mixtures make it simple to alter the ratios and concentrations of nutrients in the soil. Prior to flowering, watermelons prefer nitrogen-rich soil, but for the development of strong, well-formed fruits, larger concentrations of phosphorus and potassium are needed. Personally, I use liquid fertilizers to adjust nutrient ratios as needed and fertilizers in pellet form with slow nutrient release to supply the majority of nutrients to watermelon plants.

Let’s see Recycling bag to grow huge Melon – Get Fruits Eat Fatigue Mouth – Amazing Agriculture technique in the ᴀᴡᴇsomr video below.

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