Pros And Cons Of being A Flight Attendant!


Pros of Being a Flight Attendant
I’m so glad I made my hobby into a career since I adore what I do! I’ve been to areas as a flight attendant that I never would have visited on my own. plus a lot more! Everyone is aware that flight attendants receive free flights, but this career also has a lot of other fantastic perks!

Get paid to travel
You can take use of this job’s potential to go to novel and thrilling places while earning money! Additionally, the majority of airlines will reimburse you for the downtime you experience during your layover! So you’re getting paid while enjoying that martini in The Sᴇʏᴄʜᴇʟʟᴇs or shopping in Tokyo. Your hotel stay is also covered by your airline. So it’s excellent if the hotel is in a terrific location!

Reduced price airline tickets
You also benefit from getting discounted airline tickets to utilize for your vacation and free days! You frequently receive discounts for different airlines in addition to the one you fly for. Due to the significantly reduced travel prices, I was able to afford to take multiple vacations each year, which allowed me to see so ᴍᴀɴy amazing destinations in my spare time!

Cheap airfares are also available for your family! My parents frequently took advantage of my employee travel advantages! And I was overjoyed that I could help them achieve this.

Incredible experiences
As a flight attendant, you will undoubtedly have some of the most incredible experiences of your life. New Year’s Eve at the Sydney Fireworks, amazing safaris in Africa, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, cycling across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco on my birthday, spending time in Kyoto during the sakura season, and having a good time in Las Vegas are just a few of the highlights of my life. Those were just a few of the amazing experiences I had during my layovers. And those memories will be cherished forever.

Meeting new people
For individuals who enjoy socializing, working as a flight attendant is ideal because you get to meet so ᴍᴀɴy different people every day! Your other travelers, the personnel, and the locals you encounter while you’re in transit! They frequently come from extremely different origins and cultures than you do, and they’ll share some great tales about their nations with you. Throughout my time working as cabin crew, I discovered so much about various cultures. Additionally, you’ll meet some incredible flight attendant pals! Having these pals that share your lifestyle is crucial because not ᴍᴀɴy people can grasp it.

Cons of being a Flight Attendant:
Having frequent jet lag and irregular sleep schedules is probably the most evident drawback of being a flight attendant. It happens frequently that you are frantically trying to get a few hours of sleep in the middle of the day before your next travel or that you are attempting to sleep all day after a night flight but still feel awful when you wake up. This irregular sleep pattern and lack of regularity are detrimental to your health over the long term and may even cause diabetes.

Working long hours
You can work some extremely long days occasionally, despite the fact that everyone thinks you’re on vacation all the time. I would frequently work on a 16-hour flight. But only the flight is that. getting ready, traveling to the airport, receiving a briefing, going through security, boarding, and occasionally experiencing delays before the actual flight. It was simple to put in a 20-hour day between getting off the plane at the other end and cleaning up before going to the hotel. Even when you do catch a few hours of sleep on the flight, it is still so taxing that you feel like ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ. You then need to somehow summon the willpower to venture out during the layover since you most certainly won’t spend the entire time sleeping!

Away from home a lot
You spend a lot of time away from home, your family, and friends while you work as a flight attendant. Depending on your schedule or how far you live from the airport, you probably spend around half of your time away from home. Being frequently away from home might be great if you’re young and unattached. It can be challenging to be gone for a few days at a time if you have a partner, kids, or pets. Also challenging in this job is maintaining a relationship. Although not impossible, it is challenging.

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