Production Process Of Heavy Duty Appliance Critical Components. Assembling Forging Hydraulic Press

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Hooks ᴍᴀɴufacturing Process
You will learn about the ᴍᴀɴufacturing procedure for the vital parts of heavy-duty appliances from X-Machinines. The lifting, rigging, and moooring parts are being designed by engineers at the Spanish business Irizar. After being heated in the furnace, the material will be forged using an open die press. The open die forging procedure is effective for creating preforms that can later be completely customized and stamped using the right tools that fit the design. The advantages of hot forging over alternative non-forge materials include a 1:5 reduction in the final forging in the case of lifting hooks for cranes.

Depending on the size and shape of the object, the part or equipment is the moving component for objects weighing more than 3000 kg. Items weighing up to 3000 kg, the portion rotates, and the machinery is static. Throughout all stages of ᴍᴀɴufacture, IRIZAR FORGE maintains flawless surfaces without any flaws: Water pressure is used to perᴍᴀɴently clean the surface of the hot, red piece during forging in order to prevent surface scales from seeping within during the shaping process. Before undergoing heat treatment, each forging surface is cleaned by grinding in order to remove any surface blemishes, indications, incrustations, marks, or scales that can affect the forging’s mechanical and physical condition and outcomes.

Shot-blasting is used to clean each forging surface individually prior to DT and NDT in order to remove scale from heat-treated metal. applying regulated heating and cooling with the goal of enhancing its mechanical and physical qualities, particularly: toughness, strength, and elasticity. Due to its experience, IRIZAR FORGE has created specific instructions and procedures for protection in these applications, such as combining welding beads with zirconium-rich silicones and other particular seals, for the most extreme instances in working.

Irizar products must pass a water test to fully guarantee 100% sealing. Products from the company were designed with heavy-duty appliances’ crucial safety components in mind. when strong safety factors and long lifetimes are necessary.

Let’s see the Production Process Of Heavy Duty Appliance Critical Components. Assembling Forging Hydraulic Press in the amazing video below.

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