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Bracke C16.C Silviculture and Biomass head
An accumulating felling head called a Bracke C16.c is used in silviculture and biomass applications. The head’s Uɴɪqᴜᴇ, patented cutting solution and high accumulation capacity together give it a very high harvesting capacity. Harvesters, forwarders, and other vehicles with a boom or crane can be equipped with bracket C16.c. A cutting blade with a 3/4 saw chain makes up the cutting solution.

The chain tensioner is always maintained by the disc’s design. The hydraulic piston engine in the Bracke C16.c is more productive, has a longer lifespan, and uses less fuel than preceding versions. The Bracke C16.c combines biomass utilization with excellent efficiency. Because of this, the head is well suited for mechanical sensations, such as sapling clearing, thinning, corridor clearing, crane corridor cleaning, and clearing along roadside, in fields, and around power lines.

VRG road grader vuomet
The patented VRG road grader’s massive design and a variety of features allow for efficient and effective road maintenance contract work all year long. For example, the windrow spreader’s mass-handling capacity is incredibly large, and in the winter, a snowbank cutter-side plow or sander can be connected to the machine’s back.

The VRG road grader can do both tight turns and reversals with ease because of its nimble movements and articulated body. The act of driving up and down steep hills is also not problematic. The dislodging power and work output of the VRG road grader are unmatched by any other machine because its efficiency is equivalent to a motor grader’s. With the VRG, even the most difficult tasks, like clearing ice from verges and plowing walls, can be completed, as well as full road repairs.


Skid Steer beach Master attchment – Eterra
Only Eterra sells the Uɴɪqᴜᴇ Beach Master skid steer beach cleaning attachment. This is a fantastic attachment that functions amazingly well. A product like this has been much required for both public and private beaches. The fact that this product is skid steer tough shows off its high quality. Today’s market offers a wide variety of screeners designed for tractors. They are not constructed as robustly as skid steer attachments because they are simply dragged through the sand.

A skid steer attachment must be able to withstand a direct blow from the vehicle behind it without bending or twisting. The benefit of using a front-mounted skid steer beach cleaner is the freedom from having to constantly turn around to observe what you have done. Get rid of the tractor and sit in your air-conditioned cab while operating robust, dependable attachments and listening to music.

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