Powerful Excavator Machine – LeTourneau L1850 Loader In As (L-1850)


Another outstanding addition to TWH Collectibles’ expanding collection of mining model vehicles is the Letourneau L1850 wheel loader. A monitoring console with printed indications, operator hand and foot controls, and a seat with a realistic appearance are all included in the cab’s interior. A front-mounted windscreen wiper, glazing seals painted in black around every window, and safety chains made of metal are also included in the cab. Additionally, there are two small side-mounted platforms that are both made of mesh panels that are located slightly below the loader arms, as well as a small maintenance platform that is mounted in front of the cab.

The articulated steering on the model moves realistically and is fully functional. Between the two frame portions, hydraulic and electrical pipework can be seen in addition to the dual hydraulic cylinders. The main body of the machine has a cut-through where you can just make out the totally replicable electrical generating components at its core. To further enhance the remarkable degree of detail and authenticity, they also put realistic rubber stops on the frame to cushion the steering at a full angle and the steering lock bar.

The engine compartment, which is dominated by the engine block, has flexible coolant pipes and oil filters. The top of the engine compartment has a cutout where the twin exhausts and silencers exit from. A swing-down ladder is fitted behind the rear wheel to allow access to the engine compartment. The main air conditioner for the operator is installed on the side of the cab and has a lovely photo-etched cover. The main engine air filtering components are located on the side directly in front of the rear tire, with a fine mesh screen and painted-on door clasps. The fluid tank has a side access ladder with a swinging bottom piece.

Large rearview mirrors completed in reflective material are integrated into the frame of the cab roof, which is attached to the model during construction. There is a tiny brochure included in the box that leads the collector through the complete model-building procedure step by step. The safety railings that wrap around the top of the engine area must also be attached. The model can be positioned with the bucket raised without the bucket collapsing thanks to the robust hydraulic cylinders that connect the huge loader arms to the frame. The tip cylinders include flexible hydraulic pipework and check valve details, while the Z bar linkage arms have simulated grease pipework that is visible.

The model’s substantial tires have a more realistic appearance thanks to their authentic tread pattern and sidewall bulging. Some of the most realistic teeth I’ve ever seen on a model are on the cutting edge of the bucket. The bolt detail enhances the model’s authenticity, as have even the cutting plates between the teeth. Two lifting eyes and a small cutout with a grill are located on the top surface of the bucket to allow for placement on a real machine and to improve operator visibility of the work area.

Let’s see the Powerful Excavator Machine – LeTourneau L1850 Loader In As (L-1850) in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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