Picking Green Beans using the Incredible Agriculture Harvest Machine, the New Ploeger BP2140e Bean Picker

Agriculture Machine

To potatoes, spinach, beans, peas, and much more, Ploeger Machines opens its doors. Ploeger sets itself apart from other harvesting equipment producers by designing machinery for certain crops.
Self-propelled harvester ᴍᴀɴufacturer Ploeger got its start in 1959. A pea picker was their first machine, and it marked the beginning of their successful journey. After purchasing PMC, Ploeger is currently the only ᴍᴀɴufacturer of pea pickers. The Roosendaal factory quickly grew to become a major participant in the harvesting machine industry. They didn’t stop with harvesters; in 2017, the first trike was introduced to the market, advancing fertilization technology. Due to its mechanical drive, this machine is based on a Challenger Terra-Gator.

I was invited by Leisele-based contractors Wullen to see their brand-new BP2140 bean picker. The day after it was delivered three weeks ago, this equipment was put to use. The picker’s ᴍᴀɴager and operator, Bart, had nothing but praise for it. In West Flanders and Northern Fʀᴀɴᴄᴇ for years, Wullen has excelled at planting and harvesting beans and peas. They have extensive knowledge of the pickers thanks to their years of experience with Ploeger machines. Bart and his team have already observed numerous machine evolutions.

The Ploeger BP2140 replaced the BP2100, which was a well-known bean picker because of its unwavering dependability. A powerful and dependable Scania engine powers the new machine. The Deutz engine was previously installed in a Ploeger machine. These mastodons’ Deutz engines frequently experienced technical issues because they lacked AD-bleu engines at the time. However, the engines were primarily altered because a scania is more powerful and more compact.

Bart tells me that he likes how the machine never fails them and that they can always use it because of the large tire sizes. A hydrostatic drive is significantly less powerful than a mechanical drive.

An average of 0.5ha per hour pass through such a machine. You can go above or below the average flow rate depending on the fruit’s condition and the size of the fields. Additionally, the roomy and comfy class cab enables you to work long hours without sacrificing the caliber of your output. This picker’s function is entirely integrated into the armrest, which makes it incredibly user-friendly. By mounting numerous cameras on the BP2140, you may move the device securely anywhere you have the required visibility.

Let’s see Picking Green Beans – New Ploeger BP2140e Bean Picker – Amazing Agriculture harvest machine in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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