Okuma’s 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center, MU-500VA

CNC machine Technology

An instrument of precision known as a vertical milling machine is used to shape and fabricate objects by removing stock, usually from metallic workpieces. Depending on the tooling and material, plastics and other materials can also be machined in the mill. Manual operation, computer numerical control (CNC), or a mix of the two are all possible for mill controls. Rotating cutters held in spindles are commonly used for mill machining and material removal.

Due to a moving table and/or vise (x and y axes) and vertical spindle movement, cutting options are more complex and varied than on a drill press (z-axis). Additional machining choices are provided by the rotatable turret that many vertical mills offer for the upper cutting head (b-axis). This process includes a diagram to help clarify the various axes.

The Okuma MU-500VA-L with THINC-OSP control has a spindle speed of up to 35,000 rpm and can cut in X, Y, and Z directions 1,260 ipm per feed rate. The repeatability of the trunnion construction’s positioning precision is 1 arc seconds. A, B, C axis. Positioning time is drastically reduced by the usual Hi-G control feature, as is noncutting time. With the strictness and With simultaneous 5-axis machining, components may be precisely produced and have a maximum load of 1,100 lb.

The C-axis direct-drive motor has a 1,000 rpm maximum turning speed and a 12,000 rpm maximum lathe speed. The Okuma Abso-Scale system ensures precise alignment, and Thermo-Friendly Construction (TAS) provides crucial 0.1um correction. The ChipBlaster TD-30, a THINCOSP-ready, 480V-powered high-pressure coolant system, and Renishaw tool breakage will also be included in the demo cell spindle probe for detection and automatic gauging.

Let’s see how Okuma’s 5-axis vertical Machining Center, MU 500VA work in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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Video resource: Okuma America Corporation

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