New Holland CR 10.90 TT-The largest rotor combine harvester in the world – 12.5m grain harvest barley harvester

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With the launch of the ground-shaking Twin Rotor technology for combines over 35 years ago, New Holland completely changed how farmers harvest. Due to the smooth multipass action, the most recent generation of CR combines continues the pure rotary ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ line and offers farmers throughout the world the best-in-class grain and straw quality. The brand-new, optional Dynamic Feed Roll with integrated dynamic stone protection is part of New Holland’s ongoing effort to improve harvesting, and it has increased capacity by up to 15%. The SmartTrax, IntelliCruise, IntelliSteer, and Opti-spread systems, among other cutting-edge technologies, significantly boost production and maintain the CR range’s position as one of the most innovative and productive in the world.

The CR combine ᴅᴇsᴛʀᴏʏed the previous harvesting record on August 15, 2014. Under real-world circumstances, it harvested 797.565 tons of wheat during the record in less than eight hours. You can harvest continuously without pausing thanks to cutting-edge harvesting technology like IntelliSteer auto guidance and the 571hp FPT industrial Cursor 13 engine. With its integrated dynamic stone protection, the new optional Dynamic Feed Roll has increased capacity by up to 15% while also enhancing crop flow into the rotors and minimizing grain cracking. Simply said, a 360-degree boost in both capacity and quality. The CR is perpetual as long as you are.

Exceptional grain and straw quality is ensured thanks to Twin Rotor technology, which is delicate but very effective. With an industry-leading figure of just 0.1%, Opti-clean assures the cleanest grain sample, and you may select between two types of rotors to suit your particular harvesting requirements.

You’ll feel at home the moment you get in the Harvest suite Ultra taxi. The largest, 130 ft3 cab on the market with 67 ft2 of glass and the quietest, 73 dB, sports the intelliview IV ᴍᴀɴagement of all crucial harvesting parameters for decreased tiredness and increased output throughout lengthy harvest days.

Let’s see New Holland CR 10.90 TT-The largest rotor combine harvester in the world – 12.5m grain harvest barley harvester in the ᴀᴡᴇsome video below.

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