My Life As a Flight Attendant – Sᴏᴜᴛʜ Aғʀɪᴄᴀ Emirates Cabin Crew


Emirates is dedicated to giving you exceptional travel with our highly qualified, experienced cabin crew. In our cutting-edge facility in Dubai, new hires go through rigorous seven-and-a-half weeks of training in the highest standards of safety and service delivery.

Both academic and practical components are covered in the training, with the latter taking place in full-motion simulators of all the aircraft in our fleet. Additionally, all cabin staff members receive continual training to guarantee that you will always receive the best service on board.

Our cabin crew is a multicultural mix of young professionals from over 130 different countries who speak over 60 different languages and bring their various backgrounds to the sky. Many of them have backgrounds as doctors, attorneys, artists, or athletes.

Your love of travel is shared by the crew welcoming you on board, and they are always willing to make your flight more enjoyable. They tirelessly surpass your expectations on 420 flights each day to more than 135 locations as the face of our brand.

With more than 2,000 employees working in more than 120 call centers and retail locations outside of Dubai, the Emirates team is dispersed across six continents. We offer customer service in 17 languages through our contact center professionals, over 50 country-specific phone numbers, and live chat. During the busiest moments of the day, our contact centers support more than 4,000 people each hour globally.

You can anticipate a simple check-in process at the airport assisted by our helpful airport staff. In our airport lounges, members of Emirates Skywards or passengers flying First Class or Business Class can expect personalized care. We make an effort to ensure that your Emirates journey inspires you, from a warm welcome when you call one of our call centers to a precisely provided beverage before your meal.

We exclusively work with experienced pilots, and we have over 400 professionals working on initial training to make sure they adhere to the strict requirements set by both Emirates and the aviation authorities.

Computer-based training, online education, and classroom lessons on aircraft technology are all included in ground school. In order to be properly prepared, Emirates pilots also receive comprehensive flight simulator training for the precise aircraft they will operate. Line flying is the final phase, which is done under the guidance of an experienced trainer. It takes around three months to complete the course, and we regularly train more than 4,000 pilots because it’s mandated by law that they do it every six months.

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