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An intermodal container can be installed onto a container chassis, also known as an intermodal chassis or skeletal trailer. Transporting containers between ports, rail yards, depots for shipping containers, and shipper facilities requires truck drivers to employ chassis. Trucking of this kind is also referred to as drayage. A specialized crane is used to raise the container onto a chassis, aligning the corner castings with the twist locks on the chassis (pins). The pins are then inserted to lock the container to the chassis. Which container lengths a chassis can accept depends on its length. For a 40-foot-long container, for instance, a 40-foot-long chassis is utilized. Depending on the type of container that needs to be moved, several chassis can be lengthened or shortened.

The kingpin on a chassis allows it to be attached to a semi-tractor. When they are not attached to a tractor, they also include a set of legs known as landing gear that may be lowered to allow for parking. It is possible to place (underslung) portable generators, often known as gensets, onto the chassis. A refrigerated container is powered by these gensets. Some chassis in the US have sliding tandems, particularly 20-foot and 53-foot chassis. To adhere to weight constraints set down in federal bridge law, the tandems are pulled back for heavy cargo. To identify each vehicle in a fleet, an identifying number is typically stenciled on the chassis. A chassis’ reporting mark must terminate with the letter “Z” in accordance with ISO 6346. For instance, ABCZ 123456 7 would indicate that the item in question is a chassis, exactly 1234567 in the ABC company’s fleet.

The tank container chassis, which are used for 150 tank containers or portable bulk liquid containers, is a version. They are often longer and have a lower deck height than regular chassis, making them perfect for moving payloads that are continuously altering. Additionally, this chassis can be equipped with hose tubes, hillo kits to transport two empty tanks, lift kits to aid product discharge, and other accessories. Over time, the tank chassis has changed to support heavier payloads. They are available in tandem, spread, tri, and hillo combination axle configurations.

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